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PolkaPlay Successfully Passed CertiK’s Smart Contract Audit and Certified as a ‘Credible’ Protocol

With the recent success of the PolkaPlay IDO and $POLO listing on PancakeSwap, MEXC Global, we have great news for the community — PolkaPlay smart contract has been certified secure by CertiK after a thorough and successful audit.

Find the Audit Report HERE

We’re also delighted to share that CertiK is one of the most prominent and leading blockchain security companies that provides reliable and trustworthy verification, audits the security and correctness of smart contracts and blockchain projects. With some of the best and advanced technical experts on board, the company has audited countless platforms and smart contracts with valuable recommendations and support.

PolkaPlay is proud to have passed this critical and comprehensive security test as it will put more confidence and strengthen our platform and community as a whole. CertiK’s assessment has added a significant amount of credibility to our platform that will motivate our supporters and potential audience to choose PolkaPlay. CertiK is a security leaderboard with provable trust for all.

CertiK Auditing Process

The assessment was conducted to find any issues and vulnerabilities in PolkaPlay’s source code. It also focused on finding any contract dependencies that were not part of an officially recognized library. CertiK’s examination of PolkaPlay’s smart contract utilized the Static Analysis and Manual Review audit methodology. The auditing process primarily focuses on the following criteria:

  • Test the smart contracts against attack vectors (both common and uncommon).
  • Assess the codebase to ensure compliance with current best practices and industry standards.
  • Ensuring contract logic meets the specifications and intentions of the client.
  • Cross-referencing contract structure and implementation against similar smart contracts produced by industry leaders.
  • Thorough line-by-line manual review of the entire codebase by industry experts.

The result of this audit has offered PolkaPlay some valuable information findings that our team has noted and worked on to ensure 100% security and transparency. We are pleased to have such a successful audit and excellent result, and thus we declare 100% authenticity and credibility on PolkaPlay.

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About CertiK

Founded in 2017 by leading academics in the field of Computer Science from both Yale and Columbia University, CertiK is a leading blockchain security company that serves to verify the security and correctness of smart contracts and blockchain-based protocols. Through the utilization of our world-class technical expertise, alongside our proprietary, innovative tech, we’re able to support the success of our clients with best-in-class security, all whilst realizing our overarching vision; provable trust for all throughout all facets of blockchain.

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About PolkaPlay

PolkaPlay is a Social NFT & Gaming platform. From content to NFTs, PolkaPlay is the easiest way to create, sell, and collect NFTs. PolkaPlay enables platform users to create images, short videos, and NFTs seamlessly while earning rewards through Play to Earn games. Buy and collect the content you like or mint it as an NFT and sell on PolkaPlay.

For more details, find us here:

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