Generating Revenue With WiFi

WiFi is a major component for many businesses. Customers now see WiFi as an essential, sacrificing other aspects in favour of a good WiFi when choosing which service to use.

It’s no surprise then, when businesses see it as an avenue for revenue.

There are three main ways for you to earn revenue from offering WiFi to your customers.

Paid Access

The first thing most people will think of when trying to generate revenue with WiFi — “How can I charge for access?”.

There are a number of tools in place to allow you to charge your customers for WiFi usage. You can set up a splash page which require the customer to purchase a voucher or pay directly for access.

This method is likely to make the most obvious impact of generated revenue. But on the flip side, it is also the most likely to drive your customers somewhere else where the WiFi isn’t behind a paywall.

Capture Data

Another option you have is to not directly charge for WiFi access, but instead require your customers to enter some of their details, such as social networks or email addresses, into a page before they get access.

While this doesn’t directly bring in money, you can use the data captured to better target your customers. Keep in touch with them with newsletters about promotions and other deals they might be interested in. This plan could increase your revenue in the long run.

Or you could always go with the less than savoury option of selling your captured data. Just be sure to be honest with your customers if this is the case.

Either way, be prepared for some customers being less than happy about capturing their data. Whether you’re selling it or not, people are very protective of their details.

Attract Customers

This is probably the aspect that many business neglect.

While it’s all well and good making money directly off WiFi, people do not want to pay for WiFi. They do not want to register. And they do not want to give you their details. They just want it to work.

This option asks you to think of WiFi as a complementary service. You wouldn’t charge customers for the little chocolate mints left on pillows at a hotel. And you wouldn’t charge customers for the comfy sofas or for the background music at your cafe.

You offer these additional things to improve the customer experience. And a happy customer is a returning customer.

By offering free WiFi, without the hassle of registration or all the strings that usually come with it, you are giving the customer what they want. As mentioned at the start, customers regularly prioritise good WiFi when looking for a hotel, or cafe.

So if your business is going to give them what they want, they are going to choose you.

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