Ternoa joins Polkaswap-as-a-service Liquidity Programme

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The NFT-centric blockchain Ternoa joins the Polkaswap-as-a-service Liquidity Programme with its token CAPS.

After a successful Women in Web3 event at Paris Blockchain Week, co-hosted with SORA, both Substrate-focused builders take the next step in supporting each other’s communities and the Polkadot ecosystem.

Polkaswap-as-a-service offers ambitious builders an attractive offer for liquidity provision and community growth, as well as benefiting network users through increased token availability, with additional features under development to make Polkaswap the accomplished DEX services provider.

Ternoa joins Polkaswap-as-a-service Liquidity Programme

The Ternoa ecosystem is building utility NFTs for real world use cases.
With more than 10 featured dApps, more than 30 projects currently building, and the thriving Capsule Corp. Labs, the team is building a great reputation for themselves.

Ternoa builds in the spirit of interoperability. After listing CAPS on Ethereum, BSC, and Solana, they have now made the step of launching CAPS on the Substrate-based DEX Polkaswap.

Polkaswap and SORA Card enabled for the Ternoa community

Polkaswap-as-a-service is an expanding program that aims to enable builders to offer their community a better trading experience, with a significantly lower burden on the team´s treasury compared to other exchange listings.

Benefits for the builders are free listing with single-sided liquidity provision (no ETH/stable needed), potential additional revenue streams, and reaching new users.

This way, the Polkaswap community will help grow the adoption and accessibility of Polkadot ecosystem projects. Currently available for teams with ERC20 tokens, the offer will soon expand to all Substrate builders as soon as SORA’s Substrate <> Substrate bridge is in production. Both Ternoa and SORA are aiming to win a parachain slot in the coming weeks/months, which will increase the interoperability options and user experience for both our chains.

We are excited to embrace Ternoa’s community and bring CAPS to the Polkaswap user and the Polkadot ecosystem.

Users stand to benefit from cheap, fast transactions on a platform built for the interoperable future with an Ethereum<>Substrate bridge, as well as a multi-EVM and Substrate bridge under development, which will allow for smooth, cross-chain interoperability and power the SORA Card offering, a neobank-style experience in the Polkaswap DEX and apps.

SORA Card users will be able to buy (or sell) CAPS with EURO in the same mobile and web apps in a few easy clicks. CAPS holders who value freedom can soon enjoy a self-custodial crypto wallet and DEX integrated with a neobank EURO account and Mastercard debit card. The community strives to offer all your personal finances in one application with a maximum self-custodial and privacy & freedom-first approach.

Polkaswap is the Substrate DEX for the interoperable future, with built-in DeFi staking tools by Demeter, cross-chain exchange of assets, simple creation and listing of new assets, and the easiest swaps ever. The interoperable future of Polkadot is here and we are at the forefront!

Polkadot unites and secures a growing ecosystem of specialized blockchains called parachains. Apps and services on Polkadot can securely communicate across chains, forming the basis for a truly interoperable decentralized web.

About SORA, Polkaswap, and Fearless Wallet

SORA is a new monetary system for humanity with democratic oversight by all participants aimed at creating a supranational multiverse economic order with built-in tools for decentralized finance (DeFi). The SORA network implements an advanced parachain architecture on Polkadot and Kusama networks, with the capability to bridge external blockchains (like Ethereum) to the Polkadot ecosystem.

One of the DeFi applications that will run on the SORA network is Polkaswap, a noncustodial liquidity aggregating, cross-chain AMM DEX designed uniquely for the Polkadot ecosystem with boundless liquidity through its one-of-a-kind Aggregate Liquidity Technology (ALT).

Fearless Wallet is a bespoke mobile wallet and browser extension designed for the decentralized future of the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem, with native support for iOS and Android platforms, and Chromium-based browsers. A premium user experience, fast performance, and secure storage for your accounts. Fearless Wallet has integrated Polkaswap for easy, decentralized swaps of assets.

About Ternoa

Ternoa is a Layer 1 blockchain designed for mass-adoption of utility NFTs through a unique scalable architecture and web language SDKs to enable millions of web developers to build in Web3.

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https://polkaswap.io is a non-custodial cross chain AMM DEX designed uniquely for the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems and hosted on the SORA 2.0 network.