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Polkaswitch Partners With Manta Network to Boost Defi Liquidity

We’re pleased to announce that Polkaswitch has partnered with Manta Network, the interoperable, privacy-preserving defi stack. Built on Substrate, Manta Network leverages zk-SNARKs, a non-interactive form of zero knowledge proofs, to deliver scalable, private transacting and trading. Manta Network comprises a decentralized privacy payment protocol and a decentralized privacy token exchange protocol.

Together, we will work on addressing defi’s shortcomings, increasing liquidity, and realizing the dream of privacy-centric, permissionless cross-chain trading.

“Manta Network’s approach to on-chain privacy preservation is refreshing and deliverable at scale, and we are greatly looking forward to sharing ideas and resources as we usher in a new era of blockchain interoperability,” said Viveik Vivekananthan, founder of Polkaswitch.

“The Polkadot ecosystem is home to many of the brightest minds and teams in the crypto space, and Manta Network is up there with the best of them.”

“We’re thrilled to team up with Polkaswitch,whose non-custodial, cross-chain asset exchange promises to be a game-changer for defi trading,” added Victor Ji, cofounder of Manta Network.

“We’re looking forward to working with Polkaswitch to explore privacy-preservation functionality on cross-chain assets, and look forward to bringing privacy to its trading platform across the cryptosphere.”

Having already integrated with Moonbeam to utilize its smart contract parachain, Polkaswitch benefits from full compatibility with the powerful Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Our protocol gives traders the ability to interact with Polkadot, Ethereum, and ERC20 assets in one place at an optimal price. With Manta Network onboard, we look forward to exploring synergies and growing liquidity across the entire defi ecosystem.

About Manta Network:

Manta Network is building the privacy preservation protocol for the entire DeFi stack. It takes an algorithmic approach to privacy using zk-SNARK, and offers plug-and-play access to privatize tokens for transfer and trading. Using a bring-your-own-token (BYOT) model, users can transact with a selection of various tokens and major crypto assets.

Learn more: https://manta.network/

About Polkaswitch:

Polkaswitch is a decentralized cross-chain liquidity DEX protocol powering the future of global finance and crypto asset exchange. Using intelligent algorithms, smart contracts, and bridges, Polkaswitch executes trades across top decentralized exchanges on Polkadot, Ethereum and other Layer 1 protocols. It currently enables crypto traders to swap a variety of Polkadot and Ethereum assets from one place at the best prices globally.

Learn more: https://polkaswitch.com/



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