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Security Audit: Halborn x Polkaswitch partnership

Polkaswitch is delighted to announce our partnership with Halborn, one of the most reputable audit and cybersecurity firms in the blockchain industry. This development becomes yet another high-profile collaboration that we have entered into to fortify our platform as we continue our foray into the DeFi sector.

Through this partnership, Halborn will audit Polkaswitch’s code and test smart contract functionality to ensure it is both solid, secure, and sound enough to withstand the rigors of the rapidly growing DeFi space. The cybersecurity experts at Halborn will perform a thorough analysis of our codes to examine their robustness and risk levels among other security issues. The process will reveal if there are any potential bugs and vulnerabilities that malicious actors may exploit. We are already excited and really looking forward to the findings in the full report of this critical exercise.

At Polkaswitch we have some of the most talented and brilliant personnel in the crypto industry that has built a game-changing platform that will power the future of global finance. We have a very strong belief in our developers that continue to work relentlessly to turn the Polkaswitch dream into reality. As such, our platform is a reflection of their capabilities and expertise as well as an embodiment of their knowledge and skills. Simply put, we have complete faith in our team and are proud of what we have managed to build so far within a very limited duration. Still, we strongly believe that a code audit is a necessary undertaking that will provide additional proof of our platform’s functionality. The security audit will also provide a much-needed second opinion about the resilience of our application. We believe that an ‘outsider’ is better suited to give such an unbiased opinion.

To test the best, you have to beat the best.

Polkaswitch is a ground-breaking platform for programmable value exchange that allows users to transfer value using intelligent algorithms, contracts, and bridges. This is a one-of-its-kind platform that pioneers exciting technologies that will transform the DeFi industry. As such, we have built a very robust and complex system that only the best in the business is able to audit.

About Halborn:

Halborn is one of the most prestigious security and audit firms that has established a reputation for providing top-class rigorous testing services in the blockchain sector. They have a team of leading software engineers and security experts that have audited some of the most valuable and successful crypto projects. As such, we believe our partnership will yield some amazing results that will affirm our team’s competence and provide valuable feedback to help us to further strengthen the Polkaswitch platform.

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