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The Polkaswitch Community Challenge

Dear Community,

Calling all designers, chart wizards and quiz heads! As we move closer to releasing the platform, we are very excited to announce the Polkaswitch Community Challenge!

Community members can now compete for prizes in design, technical analysis and general blockchain/crypto knowledge. Game on!

This event will be divided into 3 parts: A Graphics Contest, Trading Charts Competition, and an Educational Quiz Challenge. Let us dive into each part separately.

1- Polkaswitch Graphics Contest (April 2nd — April 16th)

In this part, you are suggested to create original graphics (art/meme/gif/infographic) about Polkaswitch, Ecosystem, Partners, Features, Use cases, and more. The best ones are judged by quality, creativity, effort, factuality, and originality by the team. Submit your work to this form below.


And to our Telegram chat, we are excited to see your work!

Rules to follow:

  • Format: Image form, PNG / JPG format.
  • 5 winners to receive $100 in USDC each
  • Duration: 10 days
  • Maximum 3 submissions per person
  • SFW and original content only!

2- Trading charts competition (April 5th — April 16th)

For the chart wizards interested in trading analysis, we came up with something very interesting and challenging for you.

On Monday April the 5th at 1pm UTC, we will be announcing the first part of our TA (Technical analysis) challenge. Participants will have 24 hours to provide a price prediction for April 8th at 1pm UTC. Please use stablecoin (USDT, USDC, etc) trading pairs only, contestants must choose one of the following assets to analyze:

1inch, UniSwap, SushiSwap, Bancor and DODO.

Once you complete your analysis, post your TA with your price prediction in the official Polkaswitch Telegram Channel with the hashtag #TA and # the asset you choose. Example below:


1 winner per asset, winners will receive 100 USDC each. Our CMs will be evaluating your submissions and announce the winners after the prediction period closes. Only one submission per person.

This contest will cycle every 3 days ending on April the 16th:

Prediction 1: April 5th — April 8th
Prediction 2: April 8th -April 11th
Prediction 3: April 11th — April 13th
Prediction 4: April 13th — April 16th

*Note: Make sure your predictions, the trading pair and text are easy to read for the facilitators.

3- Educational quiz (April 5th — April 16th)

The educational quiz will help our community to learn more information about Polkaswitch! It will have around 40–50 questions and will be held at random times in the Telegram chat. Stay tuned!

Some topics that will be included: Polkaswitch, DEXes and AMM. Refresh your memory and have a read ;)

We will have 3 winners per each quiz:

1st place — 80 USDC

2nd place — 50 USDC

3rd place — 30 USDC


  • All rewards will be distributed in USDC
  • All submissions have to be SFW, NSFW content is not allowed!
  • YOU MUST follow our Twitter, join our Telegram chat and announcements channel to qualify.

We will be announcing each part separately starting next week! Don’t forget to follow our socials to stay updated. Good luck to everyone!


Telegram Announcements: http://t.me/polkaswitchANN

Telegram Official Chat: http://t.me/polkaswitch

Twitter: https://twitter.com/polkaswitch

Website: https://polkaswitch.com/



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