Design team principles

Aspirations for how designers should work

David Politi
Jun 21, 2018 · 2 min read

Poll Everywhere is a SaaS company centered around live-polling, serving over 75% of the Fortune 1,000.

At Poll Everywhere, design principles guide how stakeholders are engaged, and quality is defined.

Themes and concepts around how the team operates are kitchen-themed; including our design ops model and process. Principles are no different.

Our four design principles

Trust the chef

Earn the trust of our customers by delivering value through reliable and consistent experiences

  • Build upon existing UI patterns and visual language
  • Assume less-than-ideal devices, environments, and network conditions
  • Own the challenge of making the product easy to master

Sharpen and hone

Keep skills and tools sharp

  • Up-skill each other, don’t let your skills go stale
  • Be flexible to changes in behaviors, contexts & hardware
  • Celebrate learning by sharing insights company-wide

Open kitchen

Break down silos and work out in the open; assume peers are willing & able to participate in the design process

  • Optics matter more than efficiency
  • Be observable, encourage peers to see your process and deliverables as they’re created
  • Up-skill peers on design basics, encourage participation

Clean as you go

Use structure and consistency to make it easy for peers to use our tools

  • Upkeep matters — keep documentation, tokens and styles up to date
  • Be the source of order and encourage others to maintain it
  • Automate repetitive or error-prone tasks
  • Leave it better than you found it

How we use principles

Design principles guide how we act. We use them to decide which technique and outcome is best, and why.

Most importantly, they allow us to scale our design culture, by centralizing our idealized behavior.

Poll Everywhere

We enable feedback and engagement for most Fortune 1,000.

David Politi

Written by

Design leadership

Poll Everywhere

We enable feedback and engagement for most Fortune 1,000.

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