Why does Pollen Chat has anonymous chat feature?

Jay: You got a lock. Where is the key?
Minna: I have it with me. Why?
Jay: Someone was peeping into your old school stories.

Generally, you give your phone numbers to strangers after first meeting. You accept friend requests of not so familiar friends. You have to disclose your personal identification details for any medical assistance.

Do you know, what happens next?

I got the right to stalk you.
But, there is always a way around.
You can chat anonymously with anyone across the globe using a hyperlocal anonymous messenger called Pollen Chat. Your only identity will be a nickname of your choice.

When you meet a stranger in real life or online and want to chat with him/her, but you are reluctant to share your phone,email etc. In that case, you can just exchange the Pollen Nicknames (PNs) and chat anonymously. Pollen Chat offers no public profiles.

This is how, you start conversation even without telling your name.

After chatting for sometime, if you feel, you can make further conversation with the person (stranger), you can continue. But in case you find him/her annoying and you do not want to chat anymore, you can block him/her and change your nickname (in case you feel ,if he/she will tell your nickname to others) … Once your nickname is changed, he/she is left with nothing to find you.

At Pollen, we believe that information exchange should not be dependent on one’s identity.

Generally, you share your contact details with someone with the intent to open a channel to exchange information in future. With Pollen, you can establish that channel without sharing your real identity. This gives you an opportunity to exchange dialogues, share information and some bandwidth to decide, whether you should share your personal identity or not.

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