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Hello. Welcome to Pollen DeFi.

This is a starting point for those interested in our next generation portfolio management DeFi project. We include news of our launch roadmap.

The Next Generation of Portfolio Management Platforms and Asset Pool Tokens.

At Pollen we’ve built something entirely new for the future of crypto asset management. Our platform will let you, our community, use your collective intelligence and experience in cryptocurrencies to create and manage asset pool tokens. The asset pool tokens will be backed one to one by tokens held in the portfolio.

As we’ve just come out of stealth mode (and we’ll tell you why that is shortly) you may be new around here, so we’ve certainly got lots to fill you in on.

Keep reading and in the next couple of minutes we’ll tell you everything you need to know to get up to speed with what we’ve been doing (TLDR, building!), as well as what comes next.

DeFi Summer — setting the stage.

DeFi Summer showcased the potential for decentralised finance. We saw first generation services move from baby steps to huge leaps in use-cases and the technology powering them. But, DeFi was largely only for the tech-savvy with a large risk appetite. The results were impressive but the bar for entry was high.

Now, with nearly a hundred billion of dollars locked in DeFi, the question is “what’s next?”

That’s where we, as part of the next generation of DeFi products, come in. We call this next generation of more mature, more user friendly products, DeFi 2.0. We’ve developed a product we’re incredibly proud of and are sure you’ll love to use. Where the last generation of products were for the few who understood them, we are building on their foundations to create products as accessible as possible to a broader group of participants.

At Pollen DeFi we’re building a user-friendly design and interface for both the experienced crypto trader and the newcomer who wants a low barrier to entry, actively managed, crypto portfolio. We’re taking aspects of financial institutions and services that are familiar, but bringing them into the DeFI space to improve them with decentralised technology, fewer unseen middlemen, and access to a wider range of financial opportunities.

DeFi 2.0 will be for everyone, so that’s our focus.

From crypto experts who want to be dynamically managing portfolios 24/7/365 to earn rewards, to people who are crossing over from traditional finance to enter the crypto-space, to those who have never before put their money to work in any arena and wish to start: everyone deserves the chance to get involved in DeFi at their own level.

You want DeFi products and systems that are easy to use, provide a modern feel, and are built to the highest standards. That’s what we’ve been building.

For existing crypto-traders we offer an easier, safer way to manage a portfolio of assets as part of a community (the Pollen hive-mind!) without worrying about tracking the latest news 24/7, with flexibility to lead from the front when they want by making their own recommendations about the portfolio, or to step back and delegate to others they trust when they don’t.

There’s a saying that “crypto never sleeps” but with Pollen DeFi you can rest and know the portfolio is in safe hands!

For newcomers into the space Pollen DeFi uses a best-in-class user-interface and brings the quality and professionalism we (sometimes!) see in modern financial services into DeFi. Asset pool tokens can offer lower levels of price volatility compared to simply buying and holding cryptocurrency, as the hive-mind will manage the portfolio behind the asset pool tokens you will hold, on your behalf.

What does Pollen DeFi actually do?

Our community collectively manages an asset pool token. The first is called Portfolio Asset Index — PAI token. Holders of the Pollen governance token (called Pollen, PLN token) are our community and they can make portfolio recommendations.

After launch other communities will be able to launch new asset pool tokens managed via the Pollen platform, and that’s how Pollen DeFi will become a central hub of the DeFi ecosystem.

Pollen DeFi has been carefully designed through modelling and data sciences to be a meritocratic system where reputation and previous choices matter more than wallet size. Simply put, the skilful will be in charge, even if they are starting small. If you are great at picking the assets and balancing th portfolio you stand out and earn rewards.

Whether passively delegating or actively managing the portfolio, everyone benefits as the wisdom of the hive-mind, supported by our own DeFi technology, stands to reward the entire community.

Work with the Pollen hive-mind to create the best portfolio balance for the Asset Pool Tokens. Good decisions earn rewards in Pollen Governance Tokens.
Work with the Pollen hive-mind to create the best portfolio balance for the Asset Pool Tokens. Good decisions earn rewards in Pollen Governance Tokens.

There will be two tokens after mainnet launches.

Before launch there will be opportunities to participate in the sale of the Pollen (PLN) governance token. We will announce details of our launch partner on or after 19th October.

Users holding the governance token, PLN token, can suggest portfolios if they wish and get rewarded with PLN tokens and improved reputation on the platform if they make good portfolio decisions. Alternatively, they can relax and delegate their PLN governance tokens to other top performers to share in their rewards.

Immediately after mainnet is live (scheduled for Q1, 2022), the first asset pool token will be launched. This will be named Portfolio Asset Index (PAI token). A dynamically managed asset pool token the community will manage. PAI token has been designed for the community to manage with the target of creating consistent, steady, growth. It’s an effective solution both for long-term holders and for those looking for a safe-haven in times of market uncertainty.

Other asset pool tokens will be launched by interested communities after mainnet. Pollen DeFi will be a key hub in the decentralised finance network.

Now is the time and we are the solution.

We could have rushed a product out during DeFi summer. We were an open source group of developers working together in early 2020. But we wanted to launch an optimised, mature and accessible product, at exactly the right time to ensure it worked well for our audience.

We’ve been building. Constantly improving our design and functions in “stealth mode”, while the market gained strength, the technology was refined, and interest from both crypto holders who have not yet participated in DeFi and those who participate in traditional finance and are interested in starting their decentralized finance journey, built.

The “perfect storm” for our launch has now come. The topic of DeFi is now a mainstream, mature conversation — DeFi featured just a few weeks ago on the cover of The Economist, again — and people are ready to move into the space if it operates at the standards they expect. We’ve spent time perfecting a solution for both the new and the old DeFi audience, and we can’t wait for you to try it.

DeFi 2.0 is for you.

You might be an amazing portfolio manager. You may want a ‘set and forget’ crypto portfolio actively managed on your behalf by the brightest minds in the community. However you want to use Pollen DeFi, we welcome you.

If you are interested in DeFi 2.0, the future of finance, and wish to stay up to date with our launch news please join the hive mind at Telegram and follow us on Twitter.

One more thing.

We have a new campaign message to sum up the Pollen hive-mind ethos:

Great Minds Don’t Think Alike. They Think Together.
Great Minds Think Together

We think that about wraps it up. Thank you for stopping by. You can read more about Pollen DeFi at Pollen.id

About Pollen DeFi

Pollen DeFi, is a first of its kind decentralized asset index where the community holds all the power. Decentralized finance is designed to be by the people, for the people, and Pollen DeFi is acknowledging this by building the first, truly decentralized platform for managing tokenized asset pools. The merit-based DAO provides a reputation-based governance protocol with incentives that leverage the community’s collective wisdom to curate asset pools. In this system, all users of the platform stand to benefit from the contribution of the best-performing participants. Initially, the Pollen DeFi platform and its Pollen governance token (PLN) will manage a single asset token, the Portfolio Asset Index (PAI) token. The PAI token will be managed 24–7 by the community and is designed to be a low volatility ‘DeFi Lego’ which can be used in other protocols in the decentralized finance ecosystem.

Join the Pollen DeFi Hive Mind
Join the Pollen DeFi Hive Mind

Join the hive mind on Telegram|Follow our tweets | Visit the website




Pollen is a DeFi 2.0 asset managment protocol

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Pollen DeFi

Pollen DeFi

Pollen DeFi is a first of its kind decentralized, next-gen index platform. The hive-mind manages asset pool tokens together.

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