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Pollica 2050

Mind the gap: Restoring habitats to leave no one and no place behind.

Awakening the Potential of the (Still Forgotten) Mountain “Lands of the Mediterranean Diet” Through Conscious and Sustainable Tourism

The challenge: elevating tourism as the tool to redesign resilience in the Mediterranean mountain habitat

1.Tourism as a tool to strengthen the mountain habitat network

2. Tourism as a lever to protect the tangible and intangible heritage

3. Tourism as the driver for new skills and competences

4. Tourism as a way to increase the accessibility of Mediterranean mountain habitats

  • in width: the tourism boost can improve the usability of the territory by establishing new connections (through hiking routes, cycle paths, new railway lines, new infrastructure) and/or upgrading existing ones to ensure a widespread accessibility
  • in depth: tourism can increase the realization of universal accessibility and mobility of these habitats, including specific attentions for people with special needs (obstacle-free walkway, special signposting for the visually impaired, recovery of special wheelchairs suitable for hiking in nature, virtual platform to maximize the Mediterranean experience)
  • in length: activating experiential tourism beyond the traditional tourist seasons. This aspect can be achieved by expanding the summer touristic offer (which is mainly characterized by hiking and cycle-tourism routes), with unconventional touristic forms: educational and didactic tourism, through experiential school trips; cultural and food and wine tourism, through field experiences, tastings and real explorations of agricultural realities; business tourism, welcoming those who work remotely, equipping their accommodation offer with digital services; wellness tourism, enhancing the power of ‘Mediterranean living’ as a means of regeneration for psychophysical wellbeing, body care and relaxation.

5. Tourism as the tool to better communicate & sustain local economies



From cradle of culture and intangible heritage of humanity to a model and strategy for the integral development of villages.

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Don’t care to market-care to matter! With @ffoodinstitute from @paideiacampus towards #Pollica2050 through #IntegralEcology #ProsperityThinking #SystemicDesign