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What does CivicTech mean for Women’s Participation?

Visualizing the Gap

At Pollicy, we believe that civic technology can help us overcome these barriers faster.

Women all over the world are already making huge strides in uplifting and empowering other women. Firuzeh Mahmoudi, founded United4Iran and Irancubator, the first civic tech focused startup incubator in Iran. The team has begun building apps including the Iran Prison Atlas, which is a database of all the country’s political prisoners. Mariéme Jamme, a Senegalese-born British technopreneur recently founded IAMTHECODE, a movement aimed at mobilising governments, businesses and investors to support girls and young women in STEAMD (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, and Design).

Where are we now?

While there has been incremental progress in the gains of women’s political, economic and societal participation globally, the numbers of women heads of state or government and other vital positions has remained relatively low. Globally women make up just 23% of national parliamentarians, 26% of news media leaders, 27% of judges, 24% of senior managers worldwide and just 15% of corporate board members.

Where are we going?

Many organisations in support of women’s rights face challenges such as a lack of funding, lack of adequate skills and lack of networks. We also have to challenge societal and traditional norms that exist to oppress and silence women.



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