30 Days of Poetry

Chasing Unseen Ghosts Through the Twilit Woods

A spooky nature poem

Kitty Williams
Pollinate Magazine
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2 min readApr 20, 2022


Photo by Kacper Borucki on Unsplash

a chilly spring evening
the vivid blue sky softly fades to white
then gold

the yellow glow of the sinking sun
shines brightly from behind bare trees

the roar of rushing water
a comforting backdrop
powerful yet peaceful

I make my way into the forest
treetops swaying gently in the breeze
all is quiet, all is still

the scent of fresh air, subtle yet exhilarating
the all-consuming green of the earth returning to life after a long winter
creation triumphant over death

as silence falls over the forest
cold air creeps in
along with a sense of foreboding
ever so subtle
is it safe here?

darkness gradually swallows up the land
the fear of getting lost creeps up on me like an invisible shadow
uneasiness consumes me like the encroaching chill of nightfall



Kitty Williams
Pollinate Magazine

writer of sad poetry & essays on feminism, politics, LGBTQ, religion & whatever else I feel like. bookworm, stargazer, daydreamer & devoted mom to fur babies