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Special Series | The Feminine

Editor’s Note: On The Feminine

Pollinate Magazine Special Series, May 2022

For nearly a half century, I’ve experienced this world as a woman. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have it any other way. From the monthly cycle of my body, through the struggles of my gender, being a woman has given me a deep purpose. I have always felt something ancient is coursing through my bones, something magical, something transformative and persistent.

There has been much said as of late about the rise of ‘The Feminine.’ The energy is associated with generosity, nurturing, beauty, even passivity, but my lived experience is some thing much bigger than this definition. It encompasses innovation, passion, defiance and resilience. It begs me to unleash all of its power, but not for the sake of hubris, domination, or acquisition; but for others. For me, at the core of the feminine is the unrelenting power of connection.

With this month of May . . . of Beltane, of the return to fertility in the Northern Hemisphere where I reside, we celebrate this unrelenting energy with the Spring Pollinate Women’s Weekend. Dozens of women will enter into the spring woods as seeds blowing in the winds of a turbulent world and leave as many flowers; connected to one root once again. If you are female identified and would like to join us, feel free to visit pollinatewomensweekend.com for all the details.

The digital pages of our magazine will be filled with reflections on the feminine in divine form, the lived experience of women, the feminine within men and how the future unfolds with feminine power regardless of what gender inhabits it.

Wherever you are, whoever you are, we invite you to take a moment and relish in feminine energy of this world.

©Kathryn A. Dickel 2022



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Kathryn Dickel

Kathryn Dickel

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