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I’d Rather Be a Mistress Than a Wife

But I will take being part of a team if you honor my divine feminine

Photo by Atikh Bana on Unsplash

Being the bride is glorious but it lasts for one hot minute and before you know it you’re the old ball and chain for eternity. The man of your dreams promises you the world and you start a little family, only to find that suddenly you’re the…




Pollinate Magazine seeks to expand and discuss the ideas around what it means to create and practice spirituality in the modern world. Our writers provide unique perspectives and multiple entry points into the dialog. Join us in the exploration.

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Lindsay Soberano-Wilson

Lindsay Soberano-Wilson

Poet | Teacher | Feminist | Editor: Put It To Rest & iPoetry | Casa de mi Corazon: A Travel Journal of Poetry & Memoir. lindsaysoberano.com

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