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Spreading the Seeds — March 2022

Here’s What’s Happening at Pollinate Magazine

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening whenever you are. Here’s a look at what’s happening at Pollinate Magazine and the seeds were spreading in the world.

First and foremost, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our new Interim Managing Editor, Yael Wolfe. Yael is one of Medium’s most beloved writers. Her work explores the female lived experience as it edges up against the cultural norms of motherhood, partnering, sexuality and feminine self image. Often coupled with her exquisite photography, Yael’s writing simply pulls people into deep contemplation, a laugh and a ‘hell yes’ here and there!

As a professional writer and editor, Yael has a deep knowledge of Medium platform and building community there, self-publishing, editing and project management. We are blessed to have her imagination, vision and professionalism at Pollinate Magazine for the coming months.

Anthony O’Dugan has left Pollinate to pursue other interests. Please route all correspondence, questions and pieces that you would have sent to him to welcome@yaelwolfe.com.

I’ll let Yael take it from here, but before I do, let me thank our writers for the inspired writing they’ve contributed over the many months. Many readers have told me how Pollinate Magazine’s writing has positively impacted their lives and given them a home for deep contemplation and soul-centered living. And to our readers, thank you as well for your thoughtful interaction and support. Writers often write because we have to, but our words come alive in the world when you read them. It is a gift and I am eternally grateful for it.



Each month we host a series of stories focusing on a central, topical theme. We present this theme to our writers and challenge them to consider this topic as it applies to their lives. The theme for March is The Masculine. The series will run from March 21st-March 25th.

To all the male-identified writers out there, consider these prompts. What does it mean to be a man in this world? What burdens do men carry today — burdens that they perhaps do not feel safe to share? What brings men joy? What makes them laugh? What makes them ache? We encourage you to share your stories — and anything goes. All we ask is that you choose a topic that your heart wants to share. If you aren’t already writing for Pollinate but want to submit for consideration visit here.

For all our women writers, we’d love to hear from you on this subject, too. Sing your praises of the men in your life. Share your heartbreak. Ponder missed opportunities and reveal your hopes. Again, if you aren’t already writing for Pollinate but want to submit for consideration visit here.

If you just want to read this series, join us starting March 21st.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, March 18th.

Be sure to follow along with the series on Instagram as well.

Our Month in Review


In February, we focused on the theme of Food. Pollinate writers shared stories about how food brought families together, became a vehicle for the expression of love, and it’s beautiful connection to spirit and ritual. You can read the articles here.

And 53 loaves of bread were donated to Pollinate Bread last month, contributing to the Des Moines community.

Looking Forward


We are aiming high for April with an intention to post 30 poems. That’s right — one for each day of the month! That means we need a lot of help from our writing community.

They can be long, they can be short. Rhyme or no rhymes. Free verse or formal. We are open to everything!

Please start brainstorming — the deadline is Thursday, March 31st.

Pollinate always welcomes submissions that don’t fit into the monthly series, but that focus on one of our regular topics: Spirituality, Relationships, Sexuality, Culture, or Nature. Please be sure to use the appropriate topic as a tag.

Pollinate Scribes Writer’s Circle

Thank you to all of you that have participated in the Pollinate Scribes Writer’s Circle. We are going to take a brief hiatus with the circle as we retool and move to more in-person opportunities to complement our virtual offerings. We’re targeting the reboot for June, so stay tuned here for details as they become available.

Pollinate Magazine Special Series: The Year Ahead

MARCH 2022 — Masculine

APRIL 2022 — Poetry (All month — every day)

MAY 2022 — Feminine

JUNE 2022 — Ritual

JULY 2022 — Creativity

AUGUST 2022 — Sex | Erotica

SEPTEMBER 2022 — Nature

OCTOBER 2022 — Forgiveness

NOVEMBER 2022 — Death

DECEMBER 2022 — Prosperity

More About Pollinate Ritual

Pollinate Ritual helps humans create and maintain soul-centered communities. There are infinite ways to achieve this and we are exploring many of them at Pollinate Ritual with intentionality, ritual, and heart. We host a variety of events in localized communities throughout the year, ranging from hikes and forest adventures to soulful retreats, such as the upcoming Pollinate Women’s Weekend. Whatever we do, we try to bring forth the true nature of community.

Pollinate Magazine is one of the ways we have created community, by bringing together writers as they share their thoughts, visions, and experiences on the page. The ritualistic nature of writing makes this a natural extension of the Pollinate experience — every writer, after all, goes through a similar process that leads them from inspiration to the finished product. Our monthly series allows us to create a community space around shared themes, harnessing the power of the ritual of writing.

Thank you so much for reading, thank you for writing, and thank you for being a part of this beautiful, soulful community. Each one of our voices contributes to this space and we are so grateful for each and every one of you.

With love,

Kathryn & Yael
Pollinate Editorial Staff

© Pollinate Magazine 2022



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