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Got a Minute? OK, Now Humor Me For a Moment

Treading Water in the Pool of Belief

And boy, are my cerebral hemispheres tired.

An old electric typewriter containing paper with the word “TRUTH.”
And it depends on who you ask. Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

While I continue to respect (and spent several years in uniform defending) the right of anyone to believe and worship as they choose (so long as no one is harmed in any way), I cannot help but look into my reasons for forgoing…




Pollinate Magazine seeks to expand and discuss the ideas around what it means to create and practice spirituality in the modern world. Our writers provide unique perspectives and multiple entry points into the dialog. Join us in the exploration.

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Richard Steele

Richard Steele

A hedgewitch, a speaker of difficult truths, still longing for intimacy, and seeking answers to mysteries. Trying hard to stop being sad.

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