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2021, Become the Next Poly Network Co-Builder

2021, WE WANT YOU! Poly Network aspires to become part of the Web 3.0 infrastructure and facilitate interoperability for different ledgers in the blockchain world. Now we are searching for experienced Community Operation Co-Builder and English Content Editor. If you are a perfect fit, don’t hesitate to send your CV to careers@poly.network.

Position I: Community Operation Co-Builder

What you will do:

· Operate user communities, increase followers of foreign community platforms such as telegram, discord etc.

· Host weekly discussions and AMAs via Telegram group.

· Define customer segments to facilitate targeted messaging.

· Monitor and optimize funnel efficiency for conversions.

· Coordinate with ecosystem partners to support campaigns.

Your skills and experience:

· English native speaker based out of U.S.A. or Europe.

· Experience in community operations

· Prefer candidates with blockchain experience

· Self-motivation and good team worker

Position II: English Content Editor

What you will do:

· Develop ideas for content and able to sort out a content calendar independently

· Create highly sharable content and proofreading content including but not limited to social posts, blogs, press releases

· Manage the content and interactions of core social media channels: Twitter, Medium and LinkedIn

· In charge of translation work from the team

· KPI:

o Quality of articles: indicated by impressions and engagements

o Timely distribution: complete content drafting, proofreading, posting, and scheduling tasks in a timely manner

o Channel management: Twitter, Medium and LinkedIn

· Develop touchpoints for community members to engage with content.

· Support the team as needed with refining social media content such as twitter, medium and etc.

Your skills and experience:

· Native English speaker preferred, with essential Chinese communication skills

· Strong English writing, editing, and proofreading skills with great attention to detail

· Ability to prioritize, multi-tasking to meet the deadlines

· Familiar with Twitter, Medium, LinkedIn and other social media platforms and can cope with daily operations

· Rigorous and practical with a sense of responsibility and be able to work under pressure and agilely

· Familiarity and experience with the blockchain and crypto industry a big plus

For more info about Poly Network

Website | Telegram | Medium | Twitter | Discord | Github| Forum



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