Operations Manual: How to Use the Poly Bridge Swap Feature

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3 min readFeb 25, 2021


Select Asset 选择资产

  1. Please go to https://bridge.poly.network/.

前往 https://bridge.poly.network/

The landing page looks like this. Here we swap ETH as a demonstration.


2. In the top right corner click “Select Asset” and choose the input token type in the pop-up window.


Select Network 选择网络

3. Click “Select Network” and the following pop-up box will appear.


4. Poly Bridge currently supports swapping different cryptocurrency assets from Ethereum Network to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network, as well as from Ethereum Network to Huobi ECO Chain (Heco) Network.

Poly Bridge目前支持从以太坊链兑换至BSC链,和从以太坊链兑换至Heco链。

Here we choose from Ethereum Network to BSC Network.


Connect Wallet 连接钱包

5. Then click “Connect Wallet”.


6. Choose the wallet you want to connect.


Poly Bridge has supported below wallets:


Ethereum Network 以太坊链: Metamask

BSC Network BSC链: Metamask 、Binance

Heco Network Heco链: Metamask

7. Please note that if the following prompts appear, you are asked to switch wallet network.

注意,如果出现如下提示, 你需要更换钱包网络。

Submit information 提交相应信息

8. Enter input token value, and the following pop-up box will appear.


Please note that if it is your first time using Poly Bridge for a transfer, you will be prompted to approve a smart contract that can process swapped tokens for you.

注意,如果这是您第一次使用Poly Bridge进行资产转移, 您将会收到提示,需要您批准(approve)调用智能合约为您处理您的代币资产。

View the results 查看操作结果

9. Once the transaction changes to success, you can see the following status.


10. You can also check the details of the transaction in the history.


11. Presto! You have now done your first swap on Poly Bridge.

恭喜!您已经完成了您在Poly Bridge上的第一笔Swap。

12. The processing time of Poly Network Swaps are determined by the amount of the transaction fee. In order to avoid network congestion, Poly Network defaults to the maximum gas fee which will be used as the transaction fee on the target chain. Poly Network itself does not charge any gas fee, and we will soon develop options that allow users to adjust the fee as desired.

Poly Network Swap功能的处理时间取决于手续费的金额。手续费是必须的,用来激励操作该跨链交易的中继器,会因交易的目标网络不同有所浮动。为了避免网络拥塞,Poly Network默认收取目标链上的最高手续费作为交易费用。Poly Network本身不收取任何手续费,我们将很快开发允许用户根据需要调整费用的选项。

For more information on Poly Network’s innovative capabilities as well as instructions on how to join, please refer to the links below

更多关于Poly Network的信息以及说明,请参阅以下链接:

· https://www.poly.network/

· Github: https://github.com/polynetwork

· Email: contact@poly.network

· Twitter: https://twitter.com/PolyNetwork2

· Medium: https://medium.com/@polynetwork



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