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Poly Bridge mobile version is officially launched

Poly Network的一键跨链工具Poly Bridge 手机适配版已于近日正式上线,以下为Poly Bridge手机适配版操作手册,敬请查收。

Poly Network has recently released its one-click cross-chain tool Poly Bridge for mobile users. Please check the guideline below.

操作手册仅适用于移动端用户,PC 端用户使用方式不变。

This manual is only applicable to mobile users, and the PC setup remains unchanged.


移动端用户可以连接MetaMask、ONTO、麦子钱包体验Poly Bridge跨链服务;

手机版支持公链切换至以太坊ETH、币安智能链BSC、火币生态链HECO、OKExChain,不支持涉及Neo、 Ontology和其他公链的跨链交易;

Poly Bridge将使用原链原生资产作为跨链手续费。如:Ethereum → OKExChain,使用ETH作为跨链手续费;OKExChain →Ethereum,使用OKT作为跨链手续费。

Important to note:

Mobile users can connect with MetaMask, ONTO, and Math Wallet to experience Poly Bridge cross-chain services;

The mobile version supports transfers to Ethereum ETH, Binance Smart Chain BSC, Huobi Eco-Chain HECO, OKExChain, and does not support cross-chain transactions involving Neo, Ontology and other public chains;

Poly Bridge will use the original chain’s native assets as cross-chain fees. For example: Ethereum → OKExChain, use ETH as the cross-chain fee; OKExChain → Ethereum, use OKT as the cross-chain fee.

以下演示如何在麦子钱包使用Poly Bridge跨链服务,其他钱包操作步骤类似。以BSC→HECO跨链为例,钱包选择BSC链。

Here’s how to use Poly Bridge cross-chain service in Math Wallet. The steps for other wallets are similar.Let’s take the BSC→HECO cross-chain as an example, choose the BSC chain in the wallet.


  1. Open the Math Wallet and click the [Discover] button, select the DApp browser, and enter https://bridge.poly.network/

2、连接钱包及交易 Connect a wallet and make transactions

1)首先在钱包中选择原链 First select the native chain in the wallet

2)选择目标链及跨链金额,点击下一步,需要输入钱包密码,approve成功后,再次点击下一步需再次输入钱包密码。Select the target chain and desired amount, click Next, you need to enter the wallet password, after the successful approve, click Next again to enter the wallet password one more time.

3、查看交易 Check the transaction

点击【历史交易】进入查看页面 Click [History] to view the page


Swipe to the right to view the complete transaction history

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