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Poly Network AMA Recap with Cube Chain

The high-performance modular Layer 1 blockchain, Cube Chain(@Cube0x), was invited to Poly Network (@PolyNetwork2) AMA, taken place on June 2 in the Poly Network Telegram Community. From the Live AMA with Bryan Benson, COO at Cube Chain, this recap fully grasps the information discussed during the AMA.


Poly Network is a global cross-chain protocol for implementing blockchain interoperability and building Web3.0 infrastructure. Poly Network has integrated 20+ blockchains, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum, Optimism, Metis, Boba, OKC, HECO, Neo, Ontology, Zilliqa, Gnosis Chain, etc. Since the launch, the protocol has enabled cross-chain asset transfer of more than 16 billion U.S. dollars.

Cube is the integration of high-performance, unmatched compatibility, exceptional security and lightning speed that allows us to break-through the Blockchain Trilemma.


Q1 Can you tell us briefly about CUBE?

A:CUBE is a high-performance, scalable layer1 public chain with modular architecture, supports both multi-chain and cross-chain and fully compatible with EVM and Cosmos ecosystem supporting a seamless migration of applications within the ecosystems

CUBE values innovations and community, and through non-stop technological innovations hopes to build Web 3.0 Future, unite communities of various projects from various ecosystems and deliver the better Web 3.0 experience to all users.

Q2 CUBE has recently launched a series of incentive campaigns that have received a lot of attention in the blockchain industry. Can you tell us about them? And how ordinary users can participate?

A:After CUBE testnet went online, in order to improve the performance of our network, improve the users’s experienceand strengthen the Cube as we approach mainnet launch, we carried out a series of intense activities online. Community users, developers and project parties all can participate in our activities:

  1. Influencers can participate in Web 3.0 event with our decentralized ID system, they will have the opportunity to share 2000 exclusive NFTs and enjoy special priorities such as token priority purchase, customized services, investment income dividends etc.
  2. Developers can participate in the Dapp deployment competition, get the priority nomination for CUBE Rising Star, Grants, Hackathons and other activities, and have the opportunity to become the first guests of CUBE global roadshow and various online events like live conferences, roundtables etc. Gain marketing exposure and attention from venture funds.
  3. Users can participate in tasks of the public beta protocols on the Cube Chain and get the incentive bonuses from pool distributed by the protocol.

At the same time, all developers and users can submit their opinions through special link, including but not limited to the technical issues, bugs and performance improvement suggestions of the test network, and will have the opportunity to obtain a special bonus for CUBE performance optimization.

Q3 What are the advantages of CUBE compared to other public chains?

A:First of all the team members of CUBE are from all over the world and they are veteran blockchain practitioners. They have worked for well-known companies such as Apple, Binance and Alibaba Group. Core team members are all early researchers and senior experts in the blockchain technology and applications industry and this is the reason why CUBE is able to introduce a variety of innovative technologies.

Cube’s technological innovations are mainly focused on the following points.

  1. Modular layered architecture: layered execution layer, settlement layer, and data availability layer to achieve high scalability.
  2. Self-developed Collaborative Rollup: creates an efficient, low-cost and secure transaction environment.
  3. Сhaos consensus — combining high throughput, decentralization, security and fast transaction confirmation.
  4. Non-linear infinite storage: provides cost-effective permanent storage and fast access to data, achieving higher security and decentralization.
  5. Innovative Time Crossing protocol: enables cross-chain interoperability and is compatible with Cosmos IBC and EVM.

Q4 Why did Cube Chain choose Poly Network among others for partnership?

A:Because Poly Network is a global cross-chain protocol, connecting over 20 blockchains and your Network TVL surpasses $6 billion USD! Amazing! It’s light, easy to use, reliable and offers so many features. And also I believe we share a common goal — better Web 3.0 experience for everyone, despite your status quo.

We believe that our innovative “Time Crossing” cross-chain protocol will help Poly Network expand its cross-chain capabilities, cross-chain assets and interoperability. In addition, Cube can integrate Poly Network’s resources to allow digital assets on the Cube Chain to circulate between major chains such as Ether and Heco, providing interoperability across multiple chains.

Q5 Any exciting plan for future developments?What shall users expect?

A:CUBE’s test network has been running for some time now, with no major issues during this time and has also received positive support from community users and developers. We plan to launch our mainnet on 6 June, which is an important milestone for CUBE.

In the future, CUBE will issue its own tokens and do a series of incentive activities as a way to maintain the health and sustainability ecosystem. In any ecosystem nodes, developers and users play a huge part and CUBE balances the interests of all three parties by allowing them to participate in on-chain governance and staking. In addition, cCube has set up a special Web3.0 Welfare Foundation to support high- quality projects on the chain.

With the vision of helping more people enter the web 3.0 world, Cube adheres to the principle that innovation shapes the future and upholds an inclusive and open-minded attitude. Through working together with all ecosystem’s parties our mission is to build a new blockchain world that is fair and rewarding for everyone.

The AMA with Cube Chain was successfully concluded. We will have more AMAs coming in the following weeks. Please stay tuned!

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