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Poly Network AMA Recap with NFH

The blockchain-based platform Non-Fungible History(@nfh_app), was invited to Poly Network (@PolyNetwork2) AMA, taken place on 16 March on Twitter Spaces. From the Live AMA with Ruslan, CEO/CTO at NFH, this recap fully grasps the information discussed during the AMA.


Poly Network is a groundbreaking heterogeneous interoperability protocol alliance, which has already integrated Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, Ontology, Heco, BSC, OEC, Arbitrum, Polygon, Elrond, and Cosmos-SDK, and aims to build the foundation for Next-gen Internet (NGI) by enabling greater integration, cooperation, and innovation. Since the launch, the protocol has reached total trade volume of more than $15 billion USD involving more than 330K cross-chain addresses on different blockchains.

NFH is world’s first platform for acquiring and transferring ownership of historic moments using blockchain.


#1 Official Q&A

Q1 What are the long term marketing plans of NFH?

A: To become world easiest platform for introducing NFTs to the people

Q2 NFTs are undeniably a big deal in the blockchain space right now. There are an increasing number of NFTs being created across a broad range of platforms like music, art, gaming and collectibles. Do you plan to release NFT?

A: We have already released a few pieces of unique historical photos on our marketplace. In the future we have confirmed partnership with not only one world star.

Q3 Can you tell us about your team members, are they qualified and professional in their fields? What are the recruiting qualifications for team members for your extraordinary project?

A: We are a team of young DeFi/blockchain enthusiasts from top business schools and universities all around the world. We also have really experienced investors and advisors from the blockchain and digital art industries. I’m mostly Developer. Second founder has a huge mining business. Our COO has his own marketing Campaign. Our first Backer very famous NFTs collector. Our second Backer has one of the biggest Bitcoin exchange in Turkey.

Q4 Why did NFH choose Poly Network among others for partnership?

A: Poly Network provided us with a unique opportunity to create a bridge between Polygon and BSC. Everyone knows Poly Bridge is the fastest bridge on the market.

Q5 Any exciting plan for future developments?What shall users expect?

A: We plan to launch NFT lands within three months. Our end point is to create a VR NFT world, where there will be NFT museums from all parts of our planet, this will make art accessible to everyone.

#2 Live Twitter Spaces Q&A

Q1 Where do we expect to see the #NonFungibleHistory project in the short term (at some point in 2022) and 2023 & beyond (long term goals)? In the next 6–12 months, what features will you roll out that will make you truly stand out from the competitors?

A: We have great great plans for this year. We are planning to make our own metaverse, nobody has it yet. What makes us stand out from competitors? There is a free mint of NFT on our marketplace, convenient and user-friendly design and it is polygon blockchain, that makes gas fees really small.

Q2 I just want to ask about the fee mechanism in the marketplace and the percentage of Royalty applied for our each nft trade?

A: We take a 2% fee only from selling NFT. We don’t have royalty yet, but we are planning to add it in the nearest future.

Q3 Have you developed or are you planning to develop a program for ambassadors so that your project can get more good publicity and attract a lot of people?

A: Yes, of course we have great plans for that, we are open for any suggestions.

The first time Twitter Spaces AMA with NFH was concluded. Thanks to all those who joined our Spaces and opened up your microphones. More AMAs coming soon. Please stay tuned!

For more info about Poly Network

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