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Poly Network AMA Recap With O3

As a long-term close partner with Poly Network (@PolyNetwork2), O3 (@O3_Labs) was invited to our Halloween-themed AMA on 28th October in the Poly Network Telegram Community. From the Live AMA with Matt, Communications Director of O3, this recap has been carefully drafted to ensure the full grasp of the information.

Moderator: Poly Network is a groundbreaking heterogeneous interoperability protocol alliance, which has already integrated Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, Ontology, Heco, BSC, OKExChain, Arbitrum, Polygon, Elrond, and Cosmos-SDK, and aims to build the foundation for Next-gen Internet (NGI) by enabling greater integration, cooperation, and innovation. Since the launch, the protocol has reached total trade volume of more than $14 billion USD involving more than 270K cross-chain addresses on different blockchains.

Matt: O3Labs was founded in 2017 based in Tokyo and is one of the earliest blockchain development teams. Team members are from Tokyo, New York, Singapore, Shanghai, and Taipei.

O3 Wallet, the first major product built by O3Labs, supports 100+ assets and is trusted by 150,000+ users.

O3 Swap is a cross-chain aggregation trading platform incubated by the O3 Labs team. It solves the current problem of liquidity fragmentation on various mainstream blockchains, making it no longer difficult for users to conduct cross-chain transactions. It aggregates liquidity sources or assets from various decentralized exchanges across chains and through the cross-chain pool (O3 Swap Hub), users can complete cross-chain transactions.

O3 provides crypto wallet services to users in over 40 countries worldwide, with an O3 community of over 70,000 people in Japan, Europe, USA, Russia, Korea.

Q1:Could you tell our users about O3 Swap? What is it? What does it do? Why should our users use it?

Matt: O3 Swap is a cross-chain aggregation swap protocol. What that means is that users can connect to different decentralized exchanges on separate chains to effectively swap across chains all on O3 Swap. It’s a one-stop decentralized trading platform.

Currently O3 supports ETH, HECO, Polygon, Arbitrum and BSC for cross-chain swapping. O3 Swap connects to their top DEXs or decentralized exchanges. Users can interact with these DEXs using their Metamask or O3 Wallets all from our platform. O3 Labs owes a big thanks to Poly Network for providing the infrastructure to execute these types of transactions.

Q2: Could you share some new updates about recent and upcoming developments in the O3 Swap community with us?

Matt: We are currently hosting a Halloween event on Twitter called the HallO3ween HackerPunks Bonanza where users can earn a 10 $O3 reward by completing tasks on Twitter and filling in a form with their BSC addresses among other tasks.

We launched the event to celebrate being named a Most Valuable Build or (MVB) by BSC in their contest. Users can see the details of the event in the Medium article below:


Very recently we launched on Arbitrum and had one of our most successful Icing Sugar Mining events where users could stake coins from projects that were also on Arbitrum to earn very high APY in $O3 rewards.

That event is over, but our users can still take advantage of our Ice Age Mining where they stake $O3 to earn O3 in the vault within our O3 Swap Platform. I can post the link here for the Medium article explaining the mining event and our platform.


We’d absolutely love for your users to buy $O3 and stake it on our platform to earn more tokens! The APY is still very high depending on which chain you stake your tokens on.

Q3: Does O3 Swap have a roadmap? What can we expect from O3 Swap future movements?

Matt: The next few chains where we’ll launch on will be Neo N3 and Optimism, so that’ll bring us to a total of 7 different blockchains when we’re stabilized on those 2 upcoming chains.

We plan to host Icing Sugar Mining events on those chains as well, so I encourage your users to keep an eye on our twitter and Medium to come and stake coins to earn rewards when the time comes.

The middle of November will bring forth the launch of O3 Swap V2 which is extremely exciting. In V2, we’ll become our own cross-chain DEX while also supporting V1 where we aggregate from different DEXs. This is a significant milestone for O3 Labs because before we’ve strictly been a DEX aggregator, so we’re taking a major step forward on our path to growth and innovation in the space.

Moreover, in V2 we’ll use an atomic swap mechanism to swap assets that should increase both security and speed. V2 and O3 Swap V1 will run concurrently as we continue to support V1 alongside Poly Network, who provides the base layer cross-chain infrastructure that helps make O3 Swap a major innovation in DeFi.

Q4: As an “old friend” of Poly Network, why do you choose Poly Network in the very beginning?

Matt: We chose Poly Network because they’re an innovator in the space and a pioneer in cross-chain infrastructure.

We are very thankful for Poly Network’s cooperation with O3 for helping us take this advancement in interoperability in the Internet of Blockchains to the market.

The experience and expertise from the team at Poly Network has been indispensable. Without you guys, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Q5: Do you have any other announcements you’d like our users to know about before we open the floor for questions?

Matt: In November, we plan to have a price prediction contest to celebrate Thanksgiving in the USA (my home country). We’re calling it CoinsGiving.

We’ll make a more formal announcement on Twitter later, but the basics are that users must make a price prediction using a range of 5 cents or $0.05 USD to determine what the price of $O3 will be on Thanksgiving.

The 5 users that are closest to the real price in their prediction will receive a huge airdrop in their BSC wallets. More details to come on this, but I’d love for the Poly Network Community to participate when the time comes!

Note: 5 questions were chosen and answered by the AMA guest in this session. The AMA Rewards for this session was $500USD in total.

Q1: COVID 19 has slowed down many economies around the world but as a crypto business, does it affect you negatively or positively? Are you still on track to achieve your goals or are you planning a new development?

Matt: This is a really good question that I haven’t answered before. Personally, I think that COVID-19 has accelerated the growth of cryptocurrency rapidly as many countries have printed money and given that money to their constituents, thus increasing inflation. Like Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies, O3 Swap has a hard cap on the total supply, so I believe that it will succeed because of its utility, the strength of the team and the market conditions. Of course, we must execute, and we will continue to work day and night to make our users’ experiences and lives better!

Q2: Many people want to learn about your project but they have problems with English, so do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not widely used? Do you have a marketing strategy aimed at developing different communities such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea, Iran, etc. about your project so that they can easily communicate and understand your project?

Matt: I get this question all the time. We plan to establish an ambassadorship program, but currently we’re very busy with the launch of O3 Swap V2. We must focus on getting more representatives and employees from more non-English speaking countries before the year is up. Currently, we are in talks with a high-profile company to better reach the European, Japanese, and Korean markets, but nothing is officially finalized yet so I can’t go into great detail on that.

Q3: As I know there are two modules in O3 Swap. Can you tell us about the exchange aggregators (O3 Aggregator) and cross-chain pool (O3 Hub)? What are their purposes in the O3 ecosystem?

Matt: The exchange aggregator uses the awesome tech of Poly Network to effectively allow swaps across chains using the liquidity from the top DEXs on those chains to complete one end of the swap. This is a completely decentralized cross-chain trade without KYC or third-party control. Our stable coin hub allows users to stake their stable coins in return for APY rewards. It also allows swaps across chains for those selected stable coins as it sources liquidity from our own pool.

Q4: We all know community is the critical key for the success of each projects, so besides marketing with AMAs, will O3 Swap have any strategies to attract new user and build your community stronger?

Matt: Yes, we have many partners within the community and we’re very familiar with most organizations within the DeFi space as we’ve collaborated with many of them to organize staking events. As far as our closest partners, we’re very close with Neo, Poly Network, and BSC Chain since we’re in their mentorship program. We hope to make more partnerships soon.

Q5: Where can I buy your tokens now? What are your current contracts and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

Matt: Users can buy our token, $O3, on the following centralized exchanges: Huobi, Gate.io, MexC, Bibox and BitMart. We’re also available on DEXs like Sushiswap, Uniswap and Pancake Swap. Our token address is here if you’d like to purchase on a DEX: 0xee9801669c6138e84bd50deb500827b776777d28.

Users can also swap for our token on O3swap.com. As for the utility, that’s easy! It can be used to swap for any asset that you like, it can be staked to earn more $O3 rewards. In the future, it can be used to get discounts when swapping as well as used to make proposals for changes in the protocol when we make a DAO later.

The Halloween Special AMA this time attracted roughly 1,000 new members to the Telegram community of Poly Network. Please stay tuned with a new round of AMA coming next week.

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