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Poly Network — Asset Recovery Complete

On August 25, after close communication and going through a series of standard procedures, Tether released the USDT, in total 33,431,200, that were frozen due to the attack on Poly Network and sent them to Poly Network’s designated multi-signature wallet address. Poly Network would like to thank Tether for their prompt assistance right from the beginning of the incident, and we appreciate the support and understanding of our users as they patiently awaited the recovery of their assets.


Asset recovery complete

At this point, Poly Network has completed the recovery of all affected user assets worth $610M. As illustrated in the roadmap, Poly Network has successfully completed the fourth phase of the roadmap, namely “Asset Recovery”, and is moving into the fifth phase, “Resuming Services”. Other advanced functions will be gradually restored to the Poly Network after completing the necessary security requirements.

Cross-Link Bridge Service Recovery Status

Poly Bridge has now restored cross-chain functionality for a total of 59 assets, including: $8PAY, $AQT, $BET, $BKC, $BLES, $BNB, $C, $CBC, $CFB, $COOK, $COW, $CWS, $DAI, $DFC, $DMOD, $DOG, $DOV, $DOWS, $EPK, $ ETH, $FEI, $FLUX, $HAI, $HD, $HDT, $ISM, $LEV, $LKT, $mBTM, $MDX, $MIX, $MOZ, $NEST, $nNEO, $O3, $ONG, $ONTd, $OOE, $PKR, $PLUT, $PRY, $renBTC, $REVO, $ SBC, $SHIB, $SPAY, $STACK, $STN, $sUSD, $TRIBE, $TSX, $UNI, $USDC, $USDT, $WBTC, $WING, $YFI, $PLT, $WIT.

For security reasons, Poly Bridge has chosen to gradually open up asset cross-chain services for all types of assets. Due to security reasons, Poly Bridge will gradually restore the cross-chain service for different types of assets. Users can freely send cross-chain transactions for a particular asset only after the respective projects have submitted applications and tested successfully. Projects can send in applications through this channel:


Poly Network Team

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Representing both a technical breakthrough and a milestone for blockchain adoption, Poly Network is well positioned to become the pillar of NGI and the smart economy of tomorrow.

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