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Poly Network Discord Game: Voyage Gas Station

Poly Network Discord Voyage Gas Station will be held at 9:00–16:00(UTC), September 8(Thur). Discord Quiz Rewards worth of $30 in total will be disbursed for all winners. Additionally, all winners will also receive #POLYers points. Check details below, join and grab your share of the Rewards!

Time: 9:00–16:00(UTC), September 8(Thur), 2022


1) Follow @PolyNetwork2 on Twitter

2) Retweet + Like + tag 3 friends

3) Join Telegram Community: https://t.me/polynetworkgroup

4) Join Discord: https://discord.gg/trgfDqJUgf

5) PM your answers to our admin Prince Lawal#3276 on discord

💰Rewards & Points:

The Discord Voyage Gas Station will take place in the Discord main-chat channel. Please DON’T share your answer directly in the group chat. Please send your answers to our admin Prince Lawal#3276 via private message on Discord within 9:00–16:00(UTC), September 8(Thur), 2022.

Rewards pool worth of $30 USDT will be equally distributed to all winners. And 1 point is given to participants who have sent the correct answer.

❗️ Notes ❗️

  1. The Poly Network team reserves the right of final interpretation of these events.
  2. The Rewards will be distributed in USDT via BNB Chain to your wallet address. No exchange address accepted.

For more info about Poly Network

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