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Poly Network is coming to Avalanche!

Heterogeneous interoperability protocol Poly Network is pleased to announce that Poly Network is coming to Avalanche now.

Avalanche is one of the fastest smart contracts platforms in the blockchain industry, as measured by time-to-finality, and has the most validators securing its activity of any proof-of-stake protocol.

Under the support of Poly Network, users and developers can easily build fast, low cost, Solidity-compatible dapps; launch customized blockchains, private & public; scale to millions of validators with minimal hardware.

This user guide is for reference by project teams.

If the project’s assets have been issued on ETH, BSC, Arbitrum or other supported chains and the team would like to complete cross-chain transfer to Avalanche, you can follow the steps below:

1.Use the https://github.com/polynetwork/eth-contracts/blob/master/contracts/core/assets/erc20_template/ERC20Template.sol template to deploy a corresponding asset mapping contract on Avalanche, the total amount needs to be consistent with the amount on the source chain;

2. Transfer the initialized assets to the Avalanche proxy contract.

The mainnet contract address: 0xd3b90E2603D265Bf46dBC788059AC12D52B6AC57.

The testnet contract address: 0x80a53FD352597AbA3dD52c722119865a8ed82632

3. Send the source chain and Avalanche asset contract address to Poly Network staff operator, contact: https://t.me/joinchat/Hjv5NBrfO1C2LyODQfxVDw

4. Wait for the operator to add the contract address to the whitelist, then you can visit: https://bridge.poly.network/testnet to complete the cross-chain transfer from the source chain to Avalanche.

Poly Network welcomes all interested parties to join in providing interoperability for ledgers in Web 3.0. Let’s work together to connect more blockchains and ultimately realize the fluid movement of liquidity throughout the blockchain ecosystem.

If you want to achieve interoperability among Avalanche and other heterogeneous blockchains supported by Poly Network , including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, Ontology, Heco, BSC, OEC, Polygon, Arbitrum, xDai, etc. We invite you to visit our website and contact email: contact@poly.network.

For more info about Poly Network

Website | Telegram | Medium | Twitter | Discord | Github| Forum




Representing both a technical breakthrough and a milestone for blockchain adoption, Poly Network is well positioned to become the pillar of NGI and the smart economy of tomorrow.

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Poly Network

Poly Network

Enhancing connections between ledgers by providing interoperability in Web 3.0.

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