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Poly Network Monthly Report (April)

Monthly Highlights

1. In April, Poly Network announced a new partnership with RAI Finance.

2. Poly Network held 2 AMAs with EarnX and RAI Finance; and was invited to 4 Twitter Spaces, respectively with ChainCatcher, Research DAO, HSC and CTC.

3. Total volume surpassed $16 billion (USD).


Total Trade Volume: $16 Billion

Cross Chain Transactions: 848K

Cross Chain Addresses: 354k


  1. Poly Network main net upgrade was completed on April 5. The upgrade significantly optimises the interface and improves functionality, including better navigation, new dropdown menus for mobile &PC, clearer content structure and easier readability.
  2. Poly Bridge fully provides both token and NFT cross-chain services, with crucial features such as 0 gas fee, high liquidity and supporting ERC-721 & ERC-1155, with OpenSea verification API.

3. New user manuals for cross-chain transactions on Poly Bridge 2.0 were released:

(1) PC User Manual for Token Transaction on Poly Bridge 2.0:
(2) PC User Manual for NFT Transaction on Poly Bridge 2.0: https://medium.com/poly-network/user-manual-for-nft-transaction-on-poly-bridge-2-0-d5d195c20200
(3) Mobile User Manual for NFT Transaction on Poly Bridge 2.0: https://medium.com/poly-network/mt-user-manual-for-nft-transaction-on-poly-bridge-2-0-62e4202600e0
(4) Mobile User Manual for Token Transaction on Poly Bridge 2.0: https://medium.com/poly-network/user-manual-for-token-transaction-on-poly-bridge-2-0-for-mobile-devices-c9ca8497c4f7

Marketing Events

  1. Twitter Spaces with ChainCatcher

Poly Network was invited to Chain Catcher on April 1 to give insights into the cross-chain world.

Recording: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1BRJjnWgQkaJw

2. Twitter Spaces with Research DAO

Poly Network joined the activity arranged by Research DAO as guest speaker to talk about the necessity of NFT cross-chain services.

Twitter Spaces: https://twitter.com/RealResearchDAO/status/1513866628517478407

3. AMA with EarnX

The Poly Network AMA with EarnX was hosted on April 13. The AMA gave full details on exchanging and staking tokens on Starswap.

AMA Recap: https://medium.com/poly-network/poly-network-ama-recap-with-starswap-440b20c7d54c

4. AMA with RAI Finance

The Poly Network AMA with RAI Finance was hosted on April 28. The AMA adopted Telegram Quiz and hundreds of members get involved during Quiz time.

AMA Recap: https://medium.com/poly-network/poly-network-ama-recap-with-rai-finance-475f88ac149f

5. Twitter Spaces with HSC

Poly Network joined the activity hosted by Hoo Smart Chain as guest speaker to talk about the cross-chain future for NFTs.

Twitter Spaces:


6. Twitter Spaces with CTC

Poly Network joined the activity organized by Cointelegraph as guest speaker to talk about the next new blue chip in the NFT world.

Twitter Spaces: https://twitter.com/PolyNetwork2/status/1519623895900647424

Impressive Figures

In the Media

Poly Network has been mentioned on Smart Crypto News, NFT Daily, and CoinMarketCap, etc about key developments and events.

Poly Network Team

For more info about Poly Network

Website | Telegram | Medium | Twitter | Discord | Github



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