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Poly Network Monthly Report (Jan)

Monthly Highlights

1. In January, Poly Network announced to partner with Shambala, Mystiko and Boba.

2. Poly Network held 3 AMAs, respectively with AXL INU, Metis and SpaceY and launched New Year Airdrop with Channels.

3. Total trade volume surpassed $15.6 billion (USD).

4. $Metis TVL on Poly Network broke $20 million.


Total Trade Volume: $15.6 Billion

Cross Chain Transactions: 759K

Cross Chain Addresses: 319k


Boba︱EVM-compatible L2

Boba officially stated partnership with Poly Network on Jan 26. Poly Network provides a direct bridge from BOBA to ETH. Users now can bridge $BOBA easily and quickly via Poly Bridge.

Ecosystem updates

1. Shambala︱NFT

Shambala officially announced its partnership with Poly Network on Jan 17. Poly Network provides a direct bridge from BSC to OEC, Shambos now can bridge BALA and CHIP with low cost and quick speed.

2. Mystiko︱Base Layer of Web 3.0

Mystiko partnered with Poly Network on Jan 20. Powered by Poly Network, users have a gateway on Mystiko to cross-chain private transactions on Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche and Polygon.

Marketing Events

Poly Network AMA

Poly Network held a series of AMAs in January with AXL INU, Metis and SpaceY.

1) AMA with AXL INU

The Poly Network AMA with AXL INU was hosted on 6 January. The AMA gave out many highlights of achievements and future plans of AXL INU.

Recap of the AMA: https://medium.com/poly-network/poly-network-ama-recap-with-axl-inu-50968a611481

2) AMA with Metis

The Poly Network AMA with Metis was held on 12 January. During the AMA, Elena unfolded the exciting developments and rapidly expanding ecosystem of Metis.

Recap of the AMA: https://medium.com/poly-network/poly-network-ama-recap-with-metis-96b47ada02d2

3) AMA with SpaceY

SpaceY was invited to Poly Network AMA on 20 January. Andrew carefully introduced $SPAY and $MetaMars and explained methods to get started with their metaverse NFT game for our members.

Recap of the AMA: https://medium.com/poly-network/poly-network-ama-recap-with-spacey-439eb487a81b

New Year Airdrop

Poly Network launched New Year Airdrop with Channels on Dec 29 and announced winner list on Jan 6. Users have made various creative memes on Twitter relevantly.

In the Media

Poly Network has been mentioned on NewsLead, a top news provider in the blockchain & crypto field, and various other medias.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/News1Lead/status/1484100547645157376

Poly Network Team

For more info about Poly Network

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