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Poly Network Monthly Report (June)

Monthly Highlights

1. In June, Poly Network announced to partner with Kava, Defi Llama, Cube Chain and Starcoin.

2. Poly Network held 4 AMAs, respectively with Cube Chain, O3 Interchange, ONTO Wallet and Forta.

3. Total volume surpassed $16.2 billion (USD).


Total Trade Volume: $16.2 Billion

Cross Chain Transactions: 882K

Cross Chain Addresses: 365k

Ecosystem updates

1. Kava| Lightning-fast Layer-1 blockchain

After Kava integrated with Poly Network, more opportunities for interoperability are provided. Poly Network officially deployed to the Ethereum Co-Chain Beta.

2. Defi Llama|TVL aggregator for DeFi

DefiLlama is tracking Poly Network now. Users can track Poly Network on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Neo and many more.

3. Cube Chain|High-Performance Modular Layer 1 Blockchain

Cube Chain announced its partnership with Poly Network on June 17. The global cross-chain protocol Poly Network now supports Cube Network.

4. Starcoin| Proof-of-work blockchain

Starcoin cross-chain breaks value silos and empower the meaning of connecting the world. With the help of Poly Network, cross-chain is achieved between Starcoin and Ethereum.

Marketing Events

Poly Network AMA

Poly Network held a series of AMAs in June with Cube Chain, O3 Interchange, ONTO Wallet and Forta.

  1. Cube Chain

The Poly Network AMA with Cube Chain was hosted on June 2. The AMA talked about Blockchain scaling problem — solved by Cube.

AMA Recap: https://medium.com/poly-network/poly-network-ama-recap-with-cube-chain-421d016945be

2. O3 Interchange

The Poly Network AMA with O3 Interchange was held on June 14. The AMA gave full details on O3 Interchange: The first cross-chain DEX.

AMA Recap: https://medium.com/poly-network/poly-network-ama-recap-with-o3-interchange-fbafe641417d

3. ONTO Wallet

The Poly Network AMA with ONTO Wallet was held on June 22. Cyrus carefully explained the advantages and uniqueness of ONTO Wallet.

AMA Recap: https://medium.com/poly-network/poly-network-ama-recap-with-onto-wallet-84cb23329199

4. Forta

The Poly Network AMA with Forta was held on June 30. Andy Beal shared how to protect Web3 by monitoring for threat detection.

AMA Recap: https://medium.com/poly-network/poly-network-ama-recap-with-forta-7f7d291b50f0

Cross-chain Airdrop

Poly Network launched cross-chain airdrop with Rai Finance since June 20. The total volume reached roughly $4M from 1,661 transactions. 10000 $SOFI was given away to all users who completed the tasks.

Community Events

  1. Emoji Quiz

Poly Network hosted “Emoji Quiz” in Poly Network Discord Community on June 8. Users can grab rewards and win POLYers points by guessing the emoji’s meaning related to Poly Network and the crypto industry.

2. Question of the week

Poly Network hosted “Question of the Week” in Poly Network Discord Community on June 16. Users can grab points by answering quiz related to the basic information and updates of Poly Network.

In the Media

Poly Network has been mentioned on NEWSLEAD, Cointelegraph and The block, etc about key developments and events.

Poly Network Team

For more info about Poly Network

Website | Telegram | Medium | Twitter | Discord | Github



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