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Poly Network Monthly Report (Nov)

Monthly Highlights

  1. In November, Poly Network was integrated with xDai, Avalanche, Fantom, Optimism and announced to partner with STASIS and ChainSwap.
  2. Poly Network held 5 AMAs, respectively with WITCH, Wing, xDai, DOTX, Cryptoblades.
  3. Total trade volume surpassed $14.8 billion in value (USD).


Total Trade Volume: $14.8 Billion

Cross Chain Transactions: 681K

Cross Chain Addresses: 281k

Updated: 30 Nov,2021

Ecosystem updates

  1. xDai︱Stable payments blockchain

Poly Network announced to support xDai chain on Nov 1st. Tooling available on xDai is suitable for both developers and crypto-newbies.

Medium: https://t.co/CwtCNYWZIM

2. Avalanche︱Smart contracts platform

Poly Network is officially integrated with Avalanche Nov 12. The $CAN cross-chain solution is supported by Poly Network. Now users can build fast, low cost, Solidity-compatible dApps; launch customized blockchains with strong interoperability; and scale to Avalanche and other ecosystems.

3. Fantom︱Layer-1 platform

Fantom announced its partnership with Poly Network on Nov 18. Secured, fast and low-cost cross-chain transaction between Fantom and other networks via PolyBridge is available for both users and developers!

Medium: https://t.co/3P4sAAQWGM

4. Optimism︱Extension to Ethereum

Poly Network started to supports Optimism on Nov 23. Users and developers can easily enjoy secure, fast, and low-cost cross-chain transactions after the integration.

Medium: https://t.co/d71fB66hzM

5. ChainSwap︱Bridge Aggregator & NFT Bridge

ChainSwap delightedly announced its partnership with Poly Network on Nov 19. PolyNetwork will work with ChainSwap to provide developers and users with excellent crosschain services for the Web3.

6. STASIS︱Crypto-enabler platform

STASIS officially announced its partnership with Poly Network on Nov 4. Poly Bridge will offer seamless transactions between ETH and Arbitrum for $EURS.

Poly Network AMA

Poly Network held a series of AMAs in November with WITCH, Wing, xDai, DOTX, and Cryptoblades.

1) AMA with WITCH

The Poly Network AMA with Zilliqa was then hosted on 4th November. The AMA unveiled the business model of WITCH and its development of a peer-to-peer NFT.

Recap of the AMA: https://medium.com/poly-network/poly-network-ama-recap-with-witch-6a533db5c6cf

2) AMA with Wing

The Poly Network AMA with Wing was held on 9th November right after WING went live on BSC. During the AMA, Yuki illustrated the difference between Flash Pool and Inclusive Pool for our users.

Recap of the AMA: https://medium.com/poly-network/poly-network-ama-recap-with-wing-9b36a09468ef

3) AMA with xDai

After integration with Poly Network, xDai was invited to our AMA on 16th November. Mojmir carefully introduced $xDai and $STAKE and future plan for our members.

Recap of the AMA: https://medium.com/poly-network/poly-network-ama-recap-with-xdai-dbc6afe496b3

4) AMA with DeFi of Thrones

DeFi of Thrones was invited to our AMA on 18th November. Yair introduced $xDai and $STAKE and roadmap of xDai with full details for our members.

Recap of the AMA: https://medium.com/poly-network/poly-network-ama-recap-with-defi-of-thrones-6e041b3e3040

5) AMA with CryptoBlades

CryptoBlades was invited to our AMA on 24th November. The speaker carefully explained how to Play to Earn and $SKILL token for our members.

Recap of the AMA: https://medium.com/poly-network/poly-network-ama-recap-with-cryptoblades-58e864cb3093

In the Media

The video “WHAT IS POLY NETWORK” was published on Nov 10 on Twitter, YouTube and 30+ Telegram communities. The video clicks on Twitter reached 40,000+.

Watch Video: https://twitter.com/i/status/1458328576802136064

Poly Network Team

For more info about Poly Network

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Representing both a technical breakthrough and a milestone for blockchain adoption, Poly Network is well positioned to become the pillar of NGI and the smart economy of tomorrow.

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