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Poly Network Monthly Report (Sep)

Monthly Highlights

  1. In September, Zilliqa, Yearnfi, Flux Protocol and FinBet announced to partner with Poly Network.
  2. Poly Network held AMA on September 17th, with Flux Protocol co-founder, Chris, featuring the guest speaker.
  3. Total trade volume surpassed $13 billion in value (USD)


At the beginning of September, Poly Network has completed the roadmap for resuming operations and fully recovering user assets. Cross-chain service and other advanced functions have been gradually restored after fulfilling necessary security requirements.

Additionally, a recap of the security incident in August was released on Medium: Honour, Exploit, and Code: How we lost 610M dollar and got it back.

Medium: https://t.co/npg4ZBLPW8?amp=1


Total Trade Volume: $13 Billion

Cross Chain Transactions: 612K

Cross Chain Addresses: 260k

(Updated: 30 Sep,2021)

Ecosystem updates

Zilliqa | Public Blockchain Built On a Sharded Architecture

Zilliqa standardized its cross-chain services with Poly Network’s expertise, as commented on Sep.30th . Zilliqa improved the interoperability of its entire ecosystem with Poly Network’s heterogeneous cross-chain technology.

Yearnfi | Trusted Defi Financial Systems

Yearnfi announced strategic partnership on Sep. 9th. Now with Poly Network, $YNI can be bridged between Ethereum and BSC simply and quickly.

Flux Protocol | Borderless Lending Protocol

Flux Protocol revealed its strategic partnership with Poly Network on Sep. 14th for enabling the smoothest and fastest bridging of multi-chain assets implemented in Flux Protocol.

FinBet |Gambling Entertainment in Crypto

FinBet claimed its collaboration with Poly Network on Sep. 15th. Its native token CFB is now available on BSC and can be bridged with Poly Bridge.


The Poly Network AMA was concluded satisfactorily on Sep. 17th . $500 AMA awards were distributed to five top questioners during the “Community Live Questions” session. The AMA brought roughly 400 new members to the Telegram community of Poly Network. More AMAs will be held in the future in cooperation with the new projects using Poly Bridge.

Community Growth

In September, the Poly Network Community reached a total of 4,870+ members on Telegram and 22.7K followers on Twitter.

For more info about Poly Network

Website | Telegram | Medium | Twitter | Discord | Github| Forum




Representing both a technical breakthrough and a milestone for blockchain adoption, Poly Network is well positioned to become the pillar of NGI and the smart economy of tomorrow.

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Poly Network

Poly Network

Enhancing connections between ledgers by providing interoperability in Web 3.0.

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