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Poly Network now supports cross-chain transfer of ETH assets to OEC

This user guide is for reference by project teams.

If the project’s assets have been issued on Ethereum and the team would like to complete cross-chain transfer to the OKEx Chain (hereinafter referred to as “ OEC”), you can follow the steps below:

  1. Use the https://github.com/polynetwork/eth-contracts/blob/master/contracts/core/assets/erc20_template/ERC20Template.sol template to deploy a corresponding asset mapping contract on OEC, the total amount needs to be consistent with Ethereum;

2. Delegate the initialized assets to the OEC proxy contract.

The testnet contract address: 0x74cE7D56cd1b5AEe9A3345A490b5Ed768134C7D4;

The mainnet contract address: 0x9a3658864Aa2Ccc63FA61eAAD5e4f65fA490cA7D

3. Send the Ethereum and OEC asset contract address to Poly Network staff operator, contact: https://t.me/joinchat/Hjv5NBrfO1C2LyODQfxVDw

4. Wait for the operator to add the contract address to the whitelist, then you can visit: https://bridge.poly.network/testnet to complete the cross-chain transfer from Ethereum to OEC.

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