Polyglot Poetry
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Polyglot Poetry

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A poem in French and English — about mindset

Photo by Jonathan Wheeler on Unsplash

milling about
sitting here
standing there
elle n’est pas lá
on the river bank
où je me tiens
just to be frank
je viens
to bring my intact psyche,
feed it into the mill,
let its teeth grind,
so I could get
peace of mind
the lush greens of the trees
and smooth ripples of the mini waterfalls
undisturbed by her absence and my presence



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Eashan Reddy Kotha

Eashan Reddy Kotha

Neurobiology and film enthusiast. Aspiring physician. I love poetry too. Made a newsletter for you on art, tech, health and more: eashanreddykotha.com/join