Polygod’s $GULL and $MYNT Godly Token Utilities Explained

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3 min readNov 10, 2021


If one thing is certain, it’s that the meteoric rise of Play-to-Earn games has proven players are itching for profit-earning opportunities while immersed in online gaming. The industry has irrefutably demonstrated that a game of strategy alone, one that would pass in the world of traditional gaming, needs something more, something that provides users with real value.

By combining entertaining gameplay based on the mythological Norse gods with the power of the blockchain, we have aspired to create an ecosystem where players can earn through an innovative PVP battle experience that bridges the digital world and the physical world. Players can tap into the real-world economy through the rewards gained by accumulating our in-game tokens, $GULL and $MYNT. These tokens fuel the Polygod economy and provide players with value for the time spent battling, and winning, in the game.

The Tokens of The Gods

With two tokens taking on the world of the gods, players might be wondering just how they can expect to interact with each one? Below we provide a breakdown of their utility and how players can get their hands on a few coins of their own.


The first of the two tokens is $GULL, the name meaning gold in Norwegian. Similar to the physical asset, $GULL exists with a fixed supply. In the Polygod game, this amount is set to 150,000,000 and is distributed across the team, advisors, development, adoption incentives, reserve, the two seed rounds and more. This limited supply will be sold throughout the seed round as a deflationary token and as such, $GULL will decrease its market supply as time passes. At the same time, our team will participate in activities that reduce the coin’s supply on the blockchain.

This assures holders that a consistent effort to raise the price floor (and the value of $GULL) is being made, instilling confidence in our community.

For those interested in purchasing $GULL tokens, the initial seed phase will distribute 30,000,000 tokens at a price of $0.05, while another 9,000,000 GULL will be released at $0.06 during the public sale. Following these two rounds, we will provide liquidity for the amount of 21,000,000 $GULL following the release of the gaming simulation. After launch, 40% of $GULL will be distributed at our TGE through Pancakeswap, 10% on the Polygon blockchain that will be bridged with Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and the remaining 50% on other DEX/CEX listings.


The second token, $MYNT (meaning coin in Norwegian), will be released in a stealth launch and allows our users to utilize NFTs to mint $MYNT. Distribution will occur gradually through farming, enabling players e to deposit their $GULL or USDT into the pool and receive additional rewards with $MYNT tokens in the amount of 0.15% of the total volume in distribution on the Polygod game exchange. $MYNT will be a mineable token, doubling as the main in-game currency. As such, the token will provide players with the opportunity to pay game fees, buy, sell, trade, and upgrade their characters to make them more powerful (and profitable).

When players participate in weekly or monthly tournaments, they may earn XP points, which can help them mint $MYNT faster, helping generate greater profits.

Staking $GULL, Farming $MYNT

In order to provide more value and income earning opportunities, users will be able to stake $GULL shortly after our launch once the staking platform is live. We estimate the time frame to be approximately 2 weeks post-launch. $GULL holders will also be able to farm $MYNT as well.

Profit Earning Results

These tokens are essential to Polygod, as each represents the opportunity players have to earn compensation for any time spent building their team in the game. At the same time, they also represent a player’s ability to grow alongside a revolutionary community. Both prospects bring us great excitement as we continue to work towards delivering an lucrative and action-packed game, an endeavour that wouldn’t be possible without the issuance of $GULL and $MYNT.