Game Release: Alpha

Polygonum Online $POG
3 min readDec 16, 2021


Early version of a #PolygonumOnline that does not contain all of the features that are planned for the final version.


Our team has been working hard to create a unique project between the traditional gaming sector and crypto.

Now, we are ready to share Polygonum Online with you, our community.

Alpha — is an early version of the game with limited functionality. Whitelisted users will get access to the game. All Alpha stage participants will receive GUARANTEED, rare NFT items.


Gift for $POG Holders 🎈

All $POG holders will get GUARANTEED access to “Stage 3” of Alpha Game ! 🎁

To get access, one has to hold more then 500 $POG from 20 DEC 2021 till public release, make a snapshot everyday and calculate the average balance before public release. Hold POG, to keep access. 📸

The more POG you hold, the faster you get access! 💰 Holders ratings will be added to the site after the 20th.

Stages of Alpha version

To make quality testing, we will gradually increase the number of testers and quickly make changes in game.

Stage 1 — checking basic mechanics, fixing functionality.

Total: 200 users = 100 + 100
Period: 1w-2w

Stage 2 — Enable crypto functionality

Total: 400 users = 200 + 200
Period: 1w-2w

Stage 3 — Increased game content and crypto functionality. For staking more then 500 $POG before public release, players will get access to this stage!

Total: min 800 users = 400 + 400 + NA
Period: NA

Stage 4 — Public access for testing


The list will continually expand. If you find yourself in one of the lists, you are 100% added to the test.

Basic necessary information for access to testing:

  • Telegram @handle
  • Bep20 wallet address — access to game and NFT rewards
  • URL (option) — needed if you are an influencer and have Youtube/Telegram channel

How to start

  1. Join the Discord server:
  2. On Telegram Chat you have to write: “@telegram_username + Discord username”. For example: “@nikitamarcius + Nikita Marcius (never DM first)#2274”
  3. We will add the role “Tester” and provide the access to testers channel
  4. Wait for official announcement and join the game!

Extra Rewards

The most active members of the community will get a special role “Marcius Team” all privileges for early access, new events and insider news, as well as direct contact with @nikitamarcius and benefits like NFT and more.


Thank you for believing in us, we are trying to do our best. 💪
Stay tuned and keep up with latest news.

$POG listed at:

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🔥 — USDT pair

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