Guild & Guild Wars (Tournaments)

Your skills are working for you! Create or join a guild, start with 1$, earn up to 437,840$ per single match!

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Tournament is a competition where your guild competes against other teams in order to win a prize and get a pool of $POG

Tournaments are divided into 2 categories:

  • Guild War (GW) is a battle 5x5. A tournament can consist of 4, 6, 8, 10 teams in a league table and lasts 5 days.
  • Battle Royale Guild War (BRGW) is a battle on a large map with a limit of 200 participants and 40 guilds. The minimum is 5 participants from one guild, the maximum is 50 participants. Tournament takes 1 battle.

If guilds win, they get a reward from a common prize pool. Spectators also get a reward if they made their bids and their team wins.

  • Guild Level is a value which is increasing in case of victory and decreasing in case of loss. It influences access to tournaments, the amount of a reward in case of victory and the power of opponents.
  • Tournament Level is a value for the guild access. It influences the amount of a reward for guilds and spectators, as well as the power of opponents.


We created a Win-Win model which means that if a player earns, the project earns too. A prize pool commission is 20% which will be used for the improvement of the project.

How does it work?

  • 100% — total prize pool
  • 80% — team get back instant.
  • 20% — we take commisions from each match. 1% is returned to Marcius Fund, so that new guilds can start playing for free. 1% is returned to the guild tressury. 1–10% is returned to B2B partners, with an active audience. In total we have from 8–18% fee return.

How to start for free (soon)

Create a Guild with at least 5 active members and submit a form on Marcius Finance to get free $POG for a start.

B2B tournaments (soon)

Do you have a target audience with more then 500 active members and they can play 25+ matches per day? Lets talk about and you getting from 1–10% per every match in real time.

How does it work?

  • 500 — your total users
  • 4,770$ — middle single match reward
  • You have 5% reward. Your reward from a single match — 4,770$ * 5% = 238,5$
  • Your 25 matches per day is 25 * 238,5$ = 5,962.5$ per day

👉 Learn more about guild/user levels or scroll below to learn more about this mechanic.


Rewards are divided among the winners. The amount of a prize pool depends on the level of the guilds taking part in a tournament.

  • The winners who take the 1, 2, or 3 places are rewarded.
  • All players can make bids on the victory of the guilds and earn money.


The higher the level of a tournament, the better the reward. Start with 1$, earn up to 437,840$ per single match!

👉 Learn more


Choose a team and make a bid, take your share of bids of all the guilds who lost.

  • Pool is a total amount of bids which were made by players on this or that team.
  • Pool of Loosers (other guilds) is a total amount of pools of guilds that lost in a tournament.
  • Initial Pool % , is your share in a pool of a guild which you made a bid on. A reward of Pool of Loosers is proportional to it.

Guild A vs Guild B vs …

  1. Guild A vs Guild B
  2. You decided that a Guild A is going to win. You bid 50$POG , which makes up 38,5% out of your 100% pool. Guild A pool : 130 POG (100%) = user1 (10 POG)+ You (50 POG)+ user3 (70 POG)

3. Guild A wins, Guild B looses. Total pools of the loosers are divided between the winners.

4. The reward will make up 65 $POG (38,5%) from your pool.

5. Total: 118 $POG = Initial Bid 50 $POG + (Reward 65 $POG — Fee 13 $POG).

It was an example of a tournament 5x5 between 2 teams. It’s the smallest tournament. Battle Royale Guild Wars (BRGW) are made for up to 40 teams so a prize pool will consist of 39 pools of lost guilds.

Click the link below for details 👉

How it works (Guilds Wars)

  1. You need to gather a team of 5 participants minimum.
  2. Sign up a guild for the participation + min fee 10 $POG
  3. Win the tournament = Get a Reward Pool+ increase the level of your guild
  4. Repeat

Training Modes (without fee):

  • Default 5x5
  • Default Battle Royale

Tournament Modes:

  • Guild War (GW)
  • Battle Royale Guild War (BRGW)

How it works (Bids)

Make your bids on a guild and the programme will do everything else for you.


Placing a billboard of the company on the map in the most visited places and displaying statistics on the screen.

Available options:

  • One-off payment is payment of sponsorship for a specific tournament
  • Subscription is a monthly subscription with promotion of the project in chosen tournaments.


We are doing our best to create opportunities for our community. In the beginning you need only your skills and 1$.

$POG listed at:

🥞 PancakeSwap — BUSD/POG pair

🔥 — USDT pair

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