Private Island for $POG tokens

Your personal island with passive income! FARM, guilds boosters, personal shooting range and more.

About Private Islands

Island allows you to earn tokens and have fun. You can get benefit from the FARMing. Uniqueness of the FARM, in addition to the gameplay, will give the opportunity to pump it up to earn more!

If you know how Yield Farming works, you already know how a FARM works. Instead of clicking on “Harvest” in the browser, you will collect milk from a cow or potatoes from a field and exchange for tokens from NPCs.


  • FARMing —passive income. Grow animals, plant seeds.
  • Private MINING cave— extract resources from a personal cave
  • CHEST — islanders will have the opportunity to open a free CHEST each week to get NFT + FARMing item
  • NFT Marketplace — access to the marketplace from the island
  • Shooting range — weapon testing and firing practice
  • Items storage — increase the base storage of items
  • Hangar — storage for NFT Cars
  • Buildings — building construction
  • Autofarming — automatical farming without a farm owner
  • Inviting friends or build Guild with free boosters

How does it work?

We have decided not sell island like most projects. It’s much better if users can use the island without token loss. That’s why we use staking.

  • You stake tokens => Enable island access.
  • You remove tokens => Disable island access.

The farm level (1–5) depends on the amount of staking tokens. FARM level limits the maximum level of animals. You cannot use a level 3 cow on a level 2 FARM. Higher level of farm and animals = higher income.

AFTER public release/alpha3 the price of island levels will be DOUBLED x2. Don’t miss this opportunity to pump up the island as cheap as possible.

  • Before 15 MAY 22: x1 price for each level
  • Between 01 MAY 22 —15 MAY 22: x1,5 price
  • After 15 MAY 22: x2 price

Rewards system & Price

System of rewards depends on the level of the island. Price in USD, equivalent in $POG, depends on current price.

Each high level has rewards from previous.

  • 1 lvl = 500$ — FARM passive income+ Islander Rewards Program + 1 secret feature
  • 2 lvl = 1,500$ —Increase income from the use of level 2 animals and seed + 2 secret features
  • 3 lvl = 5,000$ — Increase income from the use of level 3 animals and seed + 3 secret features
  • 4 lvl = 10,000$ — Autofarming + Boosters for single character + 4 secret features
  • 5 lvl = 25,000$ — Guild island with free boosters form members + 5 secret features

Boosters — increase stats of character for FARMing and Tournaments.

Islander Rewards Program 🎈📦

Islanders will have the opportunity to open a free CHEST each week. Chance of reward depends on the level of the island.

BOX will be available by default on each island. The rarity of the rewards is up to you!

$POG listed at:

🥞 PancakeSwap — BUSD/POG pair

🔥 — USDT pair

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