Staking $POG

Unique rewards for POG Coin (POG).


Staking allows you to get unique game items of different rarity! There are 3 types of boxes available for staking: Silver, Gold, Platinum. The better the BOX, the higher the chance to get a rare NFT. Polygonum Online has 3 levels of NFT items and limited collections.

All NFT items will be used in the game and can be sold on the NFT Marketplace. You have a chance to get them for free by saving your POG.

How does it work?

  1. Stake $POG for 14 days => get 1 NFT BOX. The amount of $POG for staking depends on the chosen NFT BOX.
  2. “Silver NFT BOX” — 500 $POG
  3. “Gold NFT BOX” — 1000 $POG
  4. “Platinum NFT BOX” — 1500 $POG

Each box increases the chances of obtaining rare items.

After the stake you have the NFT standard 1155 on your wallet. Metamask does not support this standard. That is why you dont see it.

1155 standard suits our project better, because of many the game’s features like consumables (ammo, first-aid kits).

The display and use of NFT BOX will be available soon on the new website.


  1. Go to:
  2. Connect to browser Metamask wallet on BEP20 network.

3. Choose a pool that you like and click “Approve”, then confirm transaction. Wait for end of the transaction “Set Approval For All” in Metamask. After “Set Approval For All” wait for one more confirmation from Metamask, after click “Confirm” you can make “Stake”.

Correct chain of transactions: “Set Approval For All ” => “Approve POG spend … ” => “Stake”.

4. When “Approve” button turned grey, select the amount of NFT BOX and click on “Stake”, confirm transaction in Metamask.

Thats all! 😀 You will get an NFT BOX the first time you stake and POG will be blocked for 14 days.


To open NFT BOX you have to pay 1% from pool value. Commission, added to exclude abuse of NFT BOXs, will appear. First open BOX available after 20 DEC 21.


  1. Big gas fee (0.45BNB+)- response from the smart contract that something went wrong. The transaction will be rejected anyway.
  • Not enough POG
  • Not “Approved” (2 confirmations needed), then “Stake”
  • Wallet not connect correct — switch bettween wallets-set correct wallet, clean cache and reconnect.

500 POG is not enough — 500 POG minimal amount.

Examples of NFT items

👉 Full list of NFTs.


We are going to expand the in-game contents with time. You can take part in it if you leave your feedback. The project is made for the community.

Stay tuned and keep up with the news.

$POG listed at:

🥞 PancakeSwap — BUSD/POG pair

🔥 — USDT pair

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