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Community Gaming Joins Polyient Games Ecosystem

Community Gaming, an automated tournament platform that allows anyone to organize custom tournaments has officially joined the Polyient Games Ecosystem.

What is Community Gaming

The Community Gaming platform makes it easy for anyone to organize tournaments in less than 5 minutes. Players can set up custom tournaments with Ethereum-powered payments that are fast and transparent, requiring no blockchain knowledge to utilize.

Prize pools are automatically sent out upon tournament completion to the winning players.

All ERC20 tokens are supported for tournament entry fees, prize pool donations, and player payments with ERC-721 prize pool support coming soon.

“For tournament organizers, Community Gaming is removing the manual processes associated with managing events and adding more incentives for organizers. Sending out mass payments manually causes a lot of friction and makes it difficult to organize grassroots events and microtournaments,” says CEO Chris Gonsalves

Community Gaming will be hosting a free to enter $1000 Splinterlands Tournament on October 3rd. Other upcoming tournaments are scheduled for Axie Infinity, SkyWeaver, Dota 2, League of Legends, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Join their Discord server to stay connected with the community and latest events. Sign up for an account and start competing in your favorite games!

Details on PG Ecosystem Collaboration

Because the company shares our commitment to building out the blockchain gaming universe and the adoption of NFTs, Community Gaming will be a natural fit in the Polyient Gaming Ecosystem — a collaborative, third-party environment built around a central NFT marketplace and decentralized exchange (DEX).

One essential element of the Ecosystem platform is our aim to eliminate the barriers to growth that currently hinder widespread adoption of blockchain games and the larger NFT asset class. We’re working to overcome this barrier by introducing a number of dedicated features only available to our partners including:

  • Dedicated game/dapp profile pages
  • NFT sale and market support via the Polyient Games Marketplace
  • Competitive tournament and marketing support
  • Unique opportunities to build out interoperable experiences with other Ecosystem members
  • Access to highly-targeted customers and earlier testers via PGFK holders
  • Discounts on partner services
  • The PG Ecosystem is designed to be fully open and founder-friendly, meaning we do not force any business or technical practices on our game partners.

(Just a reminder: We’re always interested in hearing from blockchain gaming startups interested in being part of the Ecosystem. Feel free to apply here.)

Community Gaming will be in good company. Battle Racers, The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, Neon District are just a few of the top-tier blockchain gaming companies now participating in the Polyient Games Ecosystem.

Working together, Polyient Games and Community Gaming will now be able to facilitate tournament events that will be exclusively available to PGFK holders. The rewards and payouts for these events will include a combination of NFTs and fungible tokens, including XPGP.

Polyient Games looks forward to working with the Community Gaming team to further expand the accessibility of blockchain games while also fueling the next step in competitive play.

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