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Dissolution Joins Polyient Games Ecosystem

Dissolution, the popular Ethereum-based, MMORPG-style first-person shooter, has officially joined the Polyient Games Ecosystem (PG Ecosystem).

What is Dissolution

Dissolution is a sandbox, MMORPG set in the year 2418, after a major war between humanity and Artificial Intelligence.

Watch the announcement trailer here

Players are given a great deal of freedom in choosing who they want to be in this universe. Anything goes, from piracy to becoming a titan of industry. The game emphasizes a real, player-driven economy that leverages blockchain to create an even more immersive experience.

Players can band together and create corporations that can compete against one another to control territory and resources.

The game is free to play and available on Steam.

The devs are active with weekly updates to the game and constantly engages with their tight community. Make sure you join their Discord for the latest news.

Details on PG Ecosystem

The PG Ecosystem is an upcoming collaborative, third-party environment built around a central NFT marketplace and decentralized exchange (DEX).

Through the PG Ecosystem platform, we also aim to eliminate the barriers to growth hindering the adoption of blockchain games and the larger NFT asset class. To accomplish this, we are introducing a number of dedicated features only available to our partners including:

  • Dedicated game/dapp profile pages
  • NFT sale and market support via the Polyient Games Marketplace
  • Competitive tournament and marketing support
  • Unique opportunities to build out interoperable experiences with other Ecosystem members
  • Access to highly-targeted customers and earlier testers via PGFK holders
  • Discounts on partner services

The PG Ecosystem is designed to be fully open and founder-friendly, meaning we do not force any business or technical practices on our game partners.

The rolling application to join the PG Ecosystem is now available.

Welcoming Dissolution

Dissolution, created by Garage Studios, has cemented itself as one of the most popular blockchain games on the market, capturing many elements found within mainstream combat titles.

Co-founded by Houston Song and Adam MacDonald, Garage Studios has taken a staggered approach to the development of Dissolution with the ultimate end goal of creating an open world MMORPG. Since beginning development roughly 2 years ago, Dissolution has launched a 32-person FPS mode and has seen 5-figure sales from in-game NFTs.

Initially built inside the Enjin Multiverse, Dissolution recently made the decision to move to its own platform to continue development. The team plans to initially continue using the ERC-1155 token standard but has expressed interest in exploring new avenues to adjust to the rising congestion found on the Ethereum network.

By joining the PG Ecosystem, Dissolution will be able to leverage Polyient Games’ support to gain access to a wider audience of gamers and NFT investors. Additionally, Dissolution will be able to test their new platform and early-builds of their new game type with our dedicated PGFK holders.

“We’re extremely excited to join the growing list of games in the Polyient Games Ecosystem. I look forward to collaborating with games such as Neon District,” said Houston, CEO of Garage Studios.

Dissolution will also have the option to conduct NFT sales directly through the Polyient Games Marketplace or introduce their own fungible in-game currency with PGFK Particle (XPGP) trading pair support within the upcoming PG DEX.

“Dissolution is a fantastic addition to the growing PG Ecosystem,” said Polyient CEO Brad Robertson. “The team’s approach to game design and digital asset integration makes them one of the early leaders of the blockchain gaming industry. We look forward to supporting their efforts.”

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