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NonFungible.com to Support Polyient Games PGFK Sale

We recently announced that NonFungible.com, the leader in NFT analytics, joined the Polyient Labs incubator program. Now, I am excited to share the news that the NonFungible.com team will be working directly with Polyient Games to provide analytics support on the upcoming Polyient Games Founder’s Key (PGFK) sale.

PGFKs are the lifetime membership and rewards NFTs designed specifically for the Polyient Games Ecosystem (PG Ecosystem). PGFKs will be available for purchase for a short period of time starting on September 15, 2020. Full information on the upcoming sale, the economics of PGFKs, and the unique NFT DeFi products they will facilitate can be found here. Pre-registration for the sale is also now open and can be done through this portal.

As a technical launch partner and supported portfolio company, NonFungible.com will be an integral player within the Polyient Games Ecosystem. To start, we are planning on establishing a robust PGFK sale tracking page within the NonFungible.com platform.

This tracking page will allow PGFK sale participants to monitor the progress of the sale, and keep tabs on the purchasing trends. This will be especially important for potential buyers who plan to spread out their purchases across the 3.5 week sale period.

Given the limited supply of PGFKs and the importance of “stacking” to maximize reward outcomes, live on-chain monitoring will assure the most accurate assessment of the sale progression.

This on-chain monitoring tool developed by NonFungible.com also enables Polyient Games to provide full transaction transparency, an important ingredient given the rampant washtrading witnessed in other NFT sales.

To give you a sense of what to expect with PGFK sale monitoring, you can reference the NonFungible.com page for Axie Infinity.

Looking Forward

Beyond the initial sale support, we are looking forward to working directly with the NonFungible.com team to build out additional resources and systems within the Polyient Games Ecosystem.

Given our plans for a highly-dynamic PGFK asset that can be converted into fungible PGFK Particles (XPGPs), which each individual token representing a 1:1000 fraction of a full PGFK, our work with NonFungible.com will assure proper on-chain monitoring to help usher in a new age for NFT DeFi applications.

Pre-Register for the PGFK sale today, follow Polyient Games and Polyient Labs on Twitter and join our Discord to continue the conversation.

To keep up with the latest NonFungible.com developments, follow the company’s official Twitter channel.



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