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Polyient Games and Aavegotchi to Bring GHST to Polyient DEX

We are excited to announce that Aavegotchi, the leading DeFi-enabled crypto collectibles project, has joined the Polyient Games Ecosystem.

As part of their entrance into the Ecosystem, Polyient Capital has made a $100K purchase of Aavegotchi’s GHST token with the intention of supporting liquidity for GHST within various Polyient Games DeFi protocols, including the Polyient DEX.

GHST Token launched earlier in the year, introducing Aavegotchi, a game delivering a number of exciting concepts for the NFT asset class via their unique collectibles, powered by the Aave protocol.

Like true Web3 avatars, Aavegotchi exist 100% on-chain (including their visual elements) and are able to participate in mini-games, governance, and even meetups. Such activities earn your spooky companion NFT badges and Experience Points (XP) that can be used to alter their personality traits. This all contributes to your Aavegotchi developing its own unique identity.

Like most of us, Aavegotchis enjoy being showered with care and attention. An Aavegotchi’s “Kinship Score”, tracks the relationship with its owner. Each 24 hour cycle provides an opportunity to boost this score via any on-chain interaction. From consuming edibles to equipping wearables, or even “petting” it, these interactions raise an Aavegotchi’s kinship score. The more attention received, the more likely an Aavegotchi is to climb the “rarity farming” leaderboards and earn GHST token rewards.

More details on Aavegotchi can be found on its website, wiki, blog and whitepaper.

GHST will be coming to the Polyient DEX via a swap market with Polyient Games Unity Token (PGU), the new fungible token that will function to standardize liquidity for the entire NFT asset class across all blockchain networks.

PGU is distributed to both Polyient DEX LP providers and holders of PGFKs. More details can be found here.

In addition to the baseline PGU farming incentives, Polyient Games and Aavegotchi will be unveiling additional layers of incentives to reward liquidity providers, leveraging the strengths of our unique NFT-driven token economies.

A proposal is now live to add the GHST-PGU market to the Polyient DEX. If the proposal passes, the market will launch shortly after.

Once the market is live, liquidity providers will immediately become eligible for PGU rewards, which are distributed via emission events at specific timepoints.

Following Aavegotchi’s January 4th mainnet launch, we will begin introducing new and exciting initiatives designed to further support the GHST token economy.

Our $100K initial investment emphasizes our support for Aavegotchi and commitment to providing access and liquidity to its token economy.

“Few blockchain projects currently leverage NFTs as a key asset for larger DeFi experiences,” said Eric Kapfhammer, Polyient COO and Head of Polyient Capital. “Aavegotchi is leading the charge in this regard and we are excited to be investors in their growing token economy.”

About Polyient Games

Polyient Games, a subsidiary of investment group Polyient, is a unique investment ecosystem focused on the NFT and decentralized finance (DeFi) markets. Polyient’s portfolio includes leading NFT startups such as Nonfungible.com, Blockade Games, and Cargo.

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About Aavegotchi

Aavegotchi is a DeFi-enabled collectibles game that enables players to create and stake NFT avatars with Aave’s interest-generating tokens. Each Aavegotchi has unique personality traits that determine its overall rarity score. Play, compete, and even vote with your Aavegotchi to level up and climb the rarity score leaderboards, earning rewards all along the way. Aavegotchi is a community governed game, powered by the AavegotchiDAO and the native eco-governance token GHST.

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