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Polyient Games Becomes PolyientX

  • To better solve the ongoing limitations of the broader NFT market, Polyient Games is rebranding to PolyientX.
  • PolyientX is a platform dedicated to facilitating the launch and growth of fair token economies associated with NFT/DeFi projects.
  • The PolyientX vaulting system enables current projects to leverage a unique NFT-based reward distribution mechanism while new projects are able to launch via the Polyient-designed Initial Vault Sale (IVS) method.
  • Core to PolyientX is a first-of-a-kind NFT marketplace where transaction fees are fully democratized and shared between projects and PolyientX token holders.
  • PolyientX will launch in beta in August 2021 on Ethereum with a Polyient Games token conversion set to occur in the coming weeks.
  • Learn more and sign up for updates on the new PolyientX website.



Stake, launch and grow your community with the PolyientX Vaults and Marketplace protocol.

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