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Polyient Games Ecosystem Partner Application is Now Open

Polyient Games, the industry’s first investment firm focused on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain gaming, is now accepting applications for startups to join the upcoming Polyient Games Ecosystem (PG Ecosystem).

The PG Ecosystem is a third-party collaborative environment and platform that brings together a number of different types of entities, including blockchain games, NFT & DeFi startups/dapps, and technology providers from across numerous networks and verticals.

The PG Ecosystem exists to supplement our core investment activities by enabling us to directly participate in the market and work closely with startups and users. This model is designed specifically for our unique approach to investments and new venture creation.

Through the PG Ecosystem platform, we also aim to eliminate the barriers to growth hindering the adoption of blockchain games and the larger NFT asset class. To accomplish this, we are introducing a number of dedicated features only available to our partners including:

  • Dedicated game/dapp profile pages
  • NFT sale and market support via the Polyient Games Marketplace
  • Competitive tournament and marketing support
  • Unique opportunities to build out interoperable experiences with other Ecosystem members
  • Access to highly-targeted customers and earlier testers via PGFK holders
  • Discounts on partner services

Core to the PG Ecosystem is the Polyient Games Marketplace, which will feature unique offerings ranging from exclusive NFT auctions and a peer-to-peer NFT exchange system to more liquid NFT trading products that are designed for crypto investor mass adoption.

For all partners conducting sales, including pre-sales, on the PG Marketplace, we are requiring a basic revenue share. This revenue share does not extend beyond the PG Ecosystem and there are zero restrictions on business practices or participation in opportunities outside of PG.

True to our chain-agonistic ethos, we are accepting projects from all major blockchain networks. Our Marketplace infrastructure will be on Ethereum, but we are actively working towards expanding token standard support.

Rolling Application

We are accepting new additions to the PG Ecosystem on a rolling basis. We are highly selective in the teams that we bring on to join the ecosystem and are especially interested in projects which have demonstrated some degree of market validation.

Market validation will be different for each project, but overall we are looking for projects that have active development, early backers who are committed to making NFT purchases, and robust social media channels (Twitter, Discord).

Previous fundraising rounds will not dictate admission, meaning startups of all sizes are welcome to join the PG Ecosystem.

Projects interested in incorporating Polyient Games Founder’s Keys (PGFKs), our platform membership and rewards NFTs, or PGFK Particles (XPGPs), our platform utility tokens, into their games or token economies will be given priority.

We plan on providing decentralized swap liquidity for teams with ERC-20 tokens (either DeFi or in-game currencies) using XPGP as a base trading pair. For all teams interested in this option, please indicate so in the application.

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Stake, launch and grow your community with the PolyientX Vaults and Marketplace protocol.

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