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Polysports Joins Hands with Award-Winning Hypersign, Finds Use for HyperFyre

The innovative Web3 fantasy sports and NFT metaverse project, Polysports to power its games and events with Hypersign’s technology.

Polysports is excited to announce its first partnership with a leading decentralized identity, security, and campaign management solutions provider, Hypersign. By joining forces with Hypersign, Polysports will push the limits of innovation in the fantasy sports arena by offering users a transparent, secure, and reliable Web3 option, which was virtually non-existent in the industry until now.

The close partnership between Polysports and Hypersign will witness Polysports using Hypersign’s decentralized authentication solutions and the flagship HyperFyre Web3 campaign and community management solution in the upcoming Campaigns and future events.

Polysports and HyperFyre

As a blockchain-powered Web3 platform, Polysports provides a user-friendly, transparent, and secure fantasy sports platform with integrated DeFi features. While the in-built DeFi staking and farming capabilities offer multiple earning opportunities to the users, its sports NFTs and metaverse provides exceptional user engagement opportunities through NFT airdrops and by enabling sports clubs and fans to mint and sell/auction NFTs on the Polysports Marketplace.

Regarding the partnership with Hypersign, the co-founder of Polysports, Sushant Tewary said, “Hypersign team is doing a great job on Identity infrastructure and campaign management… As Web3 company Polysports see great opportunity to explore and integrate some of the offerings.”

The partnership opens the possibility of Polysports using Hypersign DID for investor participation andthe HyperFyre platform for future social and airdrop campaigns. It will also open the possibility of Hypersign’s utility token HID’s usage on Polysports. Even Hypersign’s DID-based authentication and scoring is expected to be used for fantasy sports and other P2E games within its ecosystem.

Vikram Bhushan, co-founder and head of product and engineering at Hypersign appreciated the collaboration between both projects, saying, “Fantasy sports are becoming a new craze in p2e games. We are excited and thankful to Polysports for integrating HID in their new fantasy sports section. This will surely boost HID utility in the coming future.”

Bit More about Hypersign

A creation of Hypermine Labs, Hypersign, simplifies the whole process of user authentication for platforms and users while ensuring privacy and security of personal data. Using blockchain technology, Hypersign enables users to generate Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) for their personal data, which serves as a verifiable credential for use across supported platforms. By creating a decentralized second layer encrypted identity, Hypersign eliminates unnecessary exposure of sensitive documents to multiple platforms, protecting the users’ personal data from potential data breach and other threats.

HyperFyre is an extension of Hypersign’s capabilities to cater to the community and campaign management requirements of businesses. The Web3 solution allows platforms to design campaigns and ensure participation by real, verified users based on their DIDs. They can also select winners, either at random or based on pre-set criteria and issue rewards. Meanwhile, users can comfortably participate in the campaigns with DIDs knowing that the projects they are interacting with are verified by HyperFyre.

Connect with Hypersign

Website: www.hypersign.id

Twitter: twitter.com/hypersignchain

Telegram: t.me/hypersignchain

Telegram Announcements: t.me/hypersign_ann

Reddit: reddit.com/r/hypersign

GitHib : github.com/hypersign-protocol

About Polysports

Polysports is a Fantasy sports & NFT metaverse platform that aims to be a bridge between blockchain and billions of sports fans around the world. On Polysports, users can build their own team, compete, and trade Player stocks while connecting to their favourite sport stars in metaverse. The DeFi features on Polysports allows users to earn by participating in yield generating activities like staking tokens and NFTs, farming LP tokens and more.

Connect with us!

Website- https://www.polysports.org/

Twitter- https://twitter.com/polysportsio

Telegram Channel- https://t.me/polysportsann

Telegram community- https://t.me/polysports

Blog site- https://medium.com/@polysports





Polysports lets sports lovers socialize, praticipate and earn crypto while playing fantasysports or trading players. Sports fan can get exposure to exclusive NFTS from celebrity and sports star. Create, Trade, Farm NFTs in first ever sports NFT Metaverse. LPs earn & farm $PS1

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