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10 min readNov 21, 2021


Polystarter is thrilled to have successfully concluded an exciting and insightful AMA session with our launchpad project, Moda DAO. Daniel T, Joany aka Basedjoan, Sean Gardner from the Moda DAO team joined this session to represent their project, highlight its most essential features, solutions, and remarkable contribution/plan for changing the music industry via Web3.

Do not worry if you missed it, as this AMA Transcript will update you with every seconds’ detail.

About Moda DAO: A decentralized network & community for creating Web3 audio economy- ‘Music3’, Moda DAO, is creating an open, high functional & all-inclusive platform/framework that will efficiently support the future of music in the burgeoning Web3 world.


Mike: Hello and welcome to the Polystarter Community! We’re super excited to have you all with us today. To start off, could you briefly introduce yourself, so everyone gets to know you better? Thank you

Daniel T: After working as an independent artist manager for four years and being involved in finance for three, Daniel combines his love for music and natural aptitude for management to bring the heat to MODA. Working primarily in Growth Projects, he’s the big picture guy responsible for spreading awareness and educating people on what MODA DAO will do for the music industry.

Daniel’s worked with 2 of the “Big 4” banks in Australia (Commonwealth Bank and National Australia), which helped him gain experience in various traditional finance roles.

Through the music industry, Daniel has had the opportunity to work with big names on a global playing field.

Basedjoan: I’m Joany aka Basedjoan! A Web3 writer, angel investor and creative director. I founded a Web3 / Metaverse studio called Self. I work with MODA DAO on our mission to rewrite music for creators and fans alike.

My writing has been published in The SF Chronicle, Wired, The AFR, The Observer, ABC, Junkee, SBS, Crikey, and over 40+ publications. My regular work can be found on Pizza Party, sharing notes on Web3, the metaverse, and NFTs.

I’m building Cryptodunks, Apeshit, etc.

SEAN G: Sean Gardner is an ex-advertising industry, a creative tech entrepreneur who has settled at the intersection of blockchain and music. Since 2017, he and the team behind Emanate have been applying the latest technology to solve the biggest problems in music. Sean previously spent 12 years in the digital trenches of Australia’s top creative agencies, including TBWA and DDB Sydney, an environment where he learned how to deliver world-first creative technology solutions under intense time and resource pressure.

Solving problems on Australia’s first iPhone campaigns with Vodafone, various e-commerce pilots, promotional AR in 2010, the first branded VR experiences in 2015, drone-powered UGC campaigns, and audio-activated fashion shoots; Sean had become adept to innovation and that’s when he discovered the blockchain.

Crypto quickly brought Sean’s passions together; innovation, technology, and music. Four years later, he and the team have a better understanding of the direction of music and Web3 than most people on the planet.

Basedjoan: I’ve stayed up for the AMA by watching Law and Order, and I’m now convinced I could solve crimes.

Q1. Can you share what motivated you to start Moda DAO and also give a brief introduction to the community of what Moda DAO is all about?

Basedjoan: A lot of us at MODA are musicians, creators, and producers. But we’re also fans. And that’s the driving force behind what we do. MODA was created to bridge the gap between the legacy music industry and blockchain, ushering in Music3. We felt it was our duty to put the power of music back into the hands of those creating it, the artists.

MODA DAO is the music industry Web3 DAO that is focussed on bringing the music industry to blockchain, and blockchain to the music industry in ways never seen before. It’s clear that 2022 will be the year of DAOs and NFTs. Let’s discover how MODA is positioned to bring together the Music3 ecosystem. With plans underway for the world’s only multi-chain AudioNFT aggregation ecosystem, it is essential that the creator, collector, and developer communities from various chains come together as one.

SEAN G: For me, after 4 years working in this space between crypto and music, it was just clear that an open DAO for the whole space was needed

Q2. Could you tell us more about the Music3 Infrastructure and creator tools you have in place? How can artists get support through Moda DAO?

Daniel T: Where do I start! There is so much cool shit to build. We’re kicking off with an NFT Aggregator that will make AudioNFTs on any chain fully streamable and all in one environment. It has an audio fingerprinting algorithm that we are taking on-chain. There is a lot of machine learning involved. Honestly, the possibilities are endless. We will share a video soon with Matt Brown who is the engineer on that task.

Further, the MODA model will allow holders to stake value behind their favorite artists and empower music creators to engage with their superfans on a much more personal level. Exclusive merch drops, music releases, discord channels, meet and greets and everything else you can think of are all a part of that special relationship you build with your favorite musicians. As the DAO develops, new functionality will start to emerge such as users being able to stake their tokens behind NFTs, individual songs or albums, fractionalizing ownership, and much more!

SEAN G: Some of the visual audio fingerprint concepts just here

Q3. What are the milestones the team has achieved so far and can you walk us through the Roadmap or what is in the pipeline to look forward to?

SEAN G: Setting up the MODA Foundation, getting an excellent launch team together. Finishing OV basecamp, raising $6m USD. Educating a tonne of artists and managers along the way. We also sold NFTs for Weezer and Deadmau5 this year. All the usual shit that is needed for launching a project like token audits. We have a whole staking and liquidity mining program ready to roll also.


  • Outlier Ventures Basecamp — MODA DAO inception
  • Private fundraising and industry recruitment
  • MODA Foundation incorporation
  • Contract creation and audit
  • Creative grants program initiation
  • TGE Event
  • DAO launch
  • Publishing entity established
  • Music3 Blueprint and Pilot releases
  • Staking and rewards contracts live
  • Voting commences
  • On-chain audio fingerprinting showcase


  • Audio NFT Launchpad released
  • NFT aggregator/streaming
  • DDEX review
  • ISRC / ISRW onchain proposal
  • Meta-data proposal
  • Media Storage proposal


  • Onchain DDEX MVP
  • Meta-data network MVP


  • Fractionalised ownership frameworks


  • Music rights fund/member catalogue buyback


  • Fully autonomous DAO


Q4. On the topic of security, could you tell us more about the Audit completed for MODA DAO?

SEAN G: There’s not too much to say really. Here it is–07–12.pdf They are also currently auditing the staking contracts.

Q5. On which chains has Moda DAO already been deployed on and what is your multi-chain strategy going forward?

SEAN G: Dan can maybe expand on this article a bit

Daniel T: We’ve deployed our pre-sale rounds on Polygon and Fantom with NEAR protocol to come shortly. We’ll then be deploying publicly onto Ethereum through Tokensoft after which point, we’ll be inviting any other chain to start bridging over to MODA. This will help to enrich the MODA DAO ecosystem and allow for our flagship NFT aggregator to grow amongst a multichain community. We firmly believe in a multi-chain future and welcome any other chain to be apart of it!

Q6. Could you tell us more about the backers and partnerships Moda DAO has established? Our community was very keen to know more about the involvement of DeadMau5 and of his own recording label Mau5trap.

Basedjoan: You can actually see all of our partners on the homepage

Deadmau5 is in the core team, his label is a partner, as is his management company. It’s much more than a collaboration. With MODA, deadmau5 wants to move his music to Web3 fully. We work with deadmau5 and his management every week. As a DAO, our whole community are collaborators; and deadmau5 is one of our community members as well as being an advisor!

SEAN G: With Emanate as a launch partner, take a look at the mau5trap catalogue

Have a look at the catalog on ‘other’ blockchain platforms. I’ll let you get back to me on that one later.

Q7. Could you share more on the $MODA value model and its design to give token holders exposure to the ecosystem as a whole?

SEAN G: The token model first and foremost allows holders to have a voice in the DAO and by extension, Music3 as a whole. The $MODA token is your ballot paper and the key to your voting power. Further, the model will allow holders to stake value behind their favorite artists and empower music creators to engage with their superfans on a much more personal level. As the DAO develops, new functionality will start to emerge such as users being able to stake their tokens behind NFTs, individual songs or albums, fractionalizing ownership etc. BUt The DAO decides. ITS A DAO


Q8. The $MODA Pre-Sale is now ongoing on Polystarter! Could you share with us the motivation behind choosing Polystarter?

Daniel T: We want to be bridging to as many chains as possible in order to create as inclusive and collaborative an ecosystem as possible — polygon was one of our first choices! Because of Polystarter’s fantastic reputation, we thought it was the best choice for one of our first pre-sale IDOs. We feel very fortunate to be working with such a reputable launchpad

SEAN G: Polygon is the most connected EVM chain after ethereum. OpenSea, Zed, DCL, Cryptovoxels.

Q9. What is the initial Market Cap of $MODA?

Daniel T: It’s around $4million USD


Theo Rubio MOM: Do you have any NFT plans and its integration ahead in the roadmap? Also do you have any passive income options and incentivization reward for a long term hoder?

Daniel T: Yes absolutely! We’re currently working on a music NFT aggregator and will expand this to users being able to stake tokens behind NFTs. NFT integration is one of our main goals!

Basedjoan: We see NFTs as a HUGE part of what we do!!!!

GYM Walston: The idea of the project is really unique and incredible, how did this idea come about?

Daniel T: We realised there was a need for a music industry DAO on blockchain to put the power of music back into the creators’ hands. We wanted to help give proper ownership standards to artists and allow them that peace of mind

Hầu Quân Tập: On your website you don’t mention that you have done any internal or external audit of your smart contract, so can you give us details if you have done any audit before? And in case you haven’t, would you plan to perform any review of your smart contract in the near future?

Basedjoan: Yep! Audit is done….

Benedict: IS This Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

Daniel T: This project is all inclusive, anyone can participate!

Tiffiny Under hill: Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners? Or is it only limited for professional users ?

Basedjoan: We see this as being a hugely accessible platform. We want to help artists onboard their entire fanbase into Web3, and we know that education, content and teachability is a core part of that onboarding process! One of the plans that we have is to develop a custodial layer for music NFTs that will let artists sell them via fiat currencies, where they’ll be held in a custodial wallet by MODA for the users to claim and adopt when they are fully onboarded as fellow degens!

ernetta Guevara:Too many projects promise magic but never release any working product or prove any revenue, Within a short/long time of release. Is your project also like this? If not can u tell us, What makes your project different from other projects?

Basedjoan: We have already released the streaming platform Emanate which lets users stream music and artists earn through tokens; our ability to deliver on the tech and the products is proven and solid!

Kim Bài Lệnh Tiễn: While you build your project, do you take into account community feedback and demands?While you build your project, do you take into account community feedback and demands?

Daniel T: Absolutely! This DAO and MODA can’t function without community feedback. It’s incredibly important to us.

Siêu Xe Blalock: Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and investors to your platform and keep them long term.

Basedjoan: We plan to grow through the network effects of the artists, fans and creators on our platform, empowering our community to foster their own audiences and bring them to MODA DAO and Emanate. Beyond that, we are investing in content, our whitepaper and litepaper, community growth and management, and building metaverse partnerships that can unlock attractive experiences, concerts and opportunities for members. We do take marketing very seriously; I’m an award winning advertising and marketing executive with a platinum hermes award, and the whole team has strong capabilities!!!!

Seiler PARTNERSHIP & COLLABORATIONS are the backbone in making every project more widespread. Can you list some of our partners with us?

Basedjoan: Gosh, so many!!! From deadmau5 to his record label, platforms like our partner/sister platform Emanate, hundreds of artists, managers and producers.

Daniel T: You can find all of our partners at the homepage!


Virgen Bumgarner: Are you planning to promote your project in countries / regions where English is not good? Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project??

Daniel T: Absolutely! We want a global presence and think it’s important we work with multiple countries and their intricate languages. We’re currently working with a south korean marketing company and will look to continue expanding as time goes on.

Avila DML: Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

Daniel T: That’s correct! The MODA token is a governance token first and foremost. The idea is to give you voting power

Wally Hutcheson: According to the project’s roadmap- what are your most important next priorities?

Daniel T: Getting our staking rewards and liquidity providing released, from there we’ll be officially releasing our audio fingerprinting tool and then onto our NFT aggregator.

Basedjoan: Building the NFT aggregator. We know that the current listening experience for music NFTs is fragmented and broken, and solving that is a huge priority, not just for MODA but for the whole music3 ecosystem

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