Guide to Participate in Moda DAO Pre-Sale on Polystarter

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4 min readNov 16, 2021


Polystarter is proud to host the Pre-Sale of Moda DAO.

Moda DAO is building a decentralized network that will drive the massive adoption of Web3.0 in the music industry and transform it into a “Music3” space. Moda DAO’s platform specifically aims to support the future of music in the Metaverse and the Play-to-Earn era.

While other IDO platforms offer users the chance to participate in the Public Sale round of the respective project, we’re offering the Polystarter community the unique opportunity to participate in the Pre-Sale round of Moda DAO itself.

We have a fixed number of Whitelist slots up for grabs. If you wish to be eligible to participate in the Pre-Sale of Moda DAO and contribute to the new decentralized revolution in the music industry, all you need to do is follow the simple steps provided below (Steps 1–10).

Complete the following steps to collect PolyPower and apply for Whitelisting of Moda DAO Pre-Sale through the Polystarter platform.

Step 1 — Collect PolyPower.

PolyPower allows users to participate in IDOs of innovative and thoroughly researched projects launching on Polystarter. You can collect PolyPower for free simply by completing your KYC on the Polystater platform.

Step 2 — Visit on your web browser.

Step 3 — Click on “Connect Wallet” on this page. Ensure you are signed in to Polygon Network on Metamask.

Please refer to this guide to configure Polygon Network on Metamask —

Step 4 — Create your account on Polystarter using your email.

This email will be required to log in and participate in the Moda DAO Pre-Sale, and cannot be changed after you’ve created your account. So please be careful and provide accurate information.

Step 5 — Complete your KYC. It’s a one-time process and mandatory to participate in the Moda DAO Pre-Sale and other upcoming IDOs on Polystarter.

Step 6 — Make sure that your wallet is pre-funded with a minimum of $400 USDC (on the Polygon chain).

Read this blog to know more about how to deposit funds on Polygon Network —

Please note that ERC-20 compatible tokens are not applicable to participate in Moda DAO PreSale on Polystarter.

After your KYC is verified and all other steps are completed, you will receive 200 PolyPower as an Airdrop. The PolyPower will enable you to participate in the Moda DAO PreSale and IDOs of early project launches on Polystarter.

Step 7 — Visit the Pools section on and select the Moda DAO PreSale. You can click on the “About” and “Pool Details” buttons to learn more about the project.

We encourage you to read about Moda DAO thoroughly before you decide to participate in the Pre-Sale.

Once you have decided to go ahead, please use 50 PolyPower from your total allocation of 200 PolyPower to whitelist your address. Remember to apply at least 3 Days before the PreSale to increase your chances of participation.

Step 8 — Check your whitelist status on the Dashboard

Step 9 — Congratulations if your address has been whitelisted.

You can now participate in the Moda DAO PreSale by Allocating Funds, keeping in consideration the minimum and maximum allocation per address as mentioned on the website.

Step 10 — You will receive a notification once your transaction is processed successfully.

Note that since this is the PreSale stage, your tokens will be transferred to your wallet only after the token release by the Moda DAO team.

Voila! If you have been with us this far, we hope that you have got all the information to participate in the Moda DAO PreSale Polystarter IDOs.

If you have any doubt, please do visit and request support from any of our Admins.

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