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Polystarter Research Report: MODA DAO

The Problem

Need for an intermediary

Royalty issues

Copyright issues

Solution: MODA DAO

Product Market Fit: Market and Competition Analysis




Go-to-Market Strategy

#1 Creator Tools and Publishing Ecosystem for Music3

#2 Music Genesis NFTs and Tokenized Micro Licensing

Recent Developments

Upcoming Announcements


Implementation Plan: Roadmap

Team & Advisors

Audit Report

Token Economics

Value Drivers

  • Members must stake MODA and sign the constitution
  • Partners must meet the MODA holding requirement
  • Board members must stake and hold at least 1% of supply (TBC)
  • Every song on-chain must be backed by at least 1 MODA (TBC)
  • MODA Labs project should utilize the MODA token to align incentives with the foundation
  • Ongoing buy-back to support the Web3 Sustainability Loop and ongoing growth


About Polystarter



Polystarter is the native Decentralized Launchpad for projects building on Polygon, with a strong emphasis on providing equitable opportunities to the community without the constraints of centralized platforms or high transaction costs.

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