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Polystarter: The Benefits for Teams, Investors, and the Community

Polystarter aims to build an ecosystem for the seamless launch, development, and growth of promising DeFi/NFT projects without the constraints of centralized platforms. Using a combination of its innovative solutions and Polygon’s scalability, high throughput, and low transactions costs, Polystarter has developed a feature set that can benefit every player in the ecosystem — project teams, community, and investors.

To understand how each player of Polygon’s DeFi ecosystem can benefit from Polystarter, let’s delve into the noteworthy advantages of the platform.

For Teams

Project developers and teams have long been on the lookout for a comprehensive launchpad that addresses all their needs. And, with its unique feature set, Polystarter could just be what they need. Projects on Polystarter can benefit from:

  • Permissionless listing: Teams can easily list their tokens on the platform without the need for any approval, circumventing the hurdles of centralized platforms.
  • Fair and decentralized fundraising: Fundraising is a crucial step that could make or break a project. Polystarter promotes fair and transparent funding by connecting projects with investors where every potential project has an equal chance of being funded.
  • Various token auction types: Teams have the liberty to choose from various different auction types for their token, keeping them in control at all times.
  • A suite of products: Developers can also benefit from a suite of products under Polystarter that could accelerate the development and growth of the project.
  • Complete launch support: Apart from helping teams develop and launch products, Polystarter provides complete support by assisting them with marketing, advisory, and technical needs.

For Investors

Investors and venture capitalists who pour money into projects need a transparent and reliable platform where they can be involved in the process and benefit from growth. Investors on Polystarter can take advantage of

  • Well-vetted projects: Projects with only true potential are presented to investors after being thoroughly vetted. This ensures that as the project grows, the investor grows too.
  • Token vesting: Project tokens are set aside for investors
  • Claims dashboard: The token claims dashboard has been carefully developed with investors in mind for ease of use and convenience.
  • Security and compliance: Of course, only the highest standards of security and compliance can be expected on Polystarter.

For the Community

The community of supporters is what truly drives the growth of projects and yet they’re the most neglected. But, on Polystarter, the community can benefit from

  • Access to token launches: The community will be the first to know about the public token launches of Polygon projects. This gives the opportunity to invest in and benefit from the growth of projects that appeal to them. Polystarter also supports multiple crypto tokens and stablecoins to make it easier for the community.
  • Favorable lottery tier structure: The lottery tier structure has been designed keeping everyone in mind. There is a suitable tier for every member of the community.
  • Low gas fees: The fact that the platform is built on Polygon takes high transaction fees out of the picture. Gas wars and delayed transactions are a thing of the past.

With innovative solutions like these, Polystarter all in all aims to create a safe haven for new DeFi projects to launch, grow, and reach their full potential. In the words of Polystarter CEO, “We, at Polystarter, believe that Polygon will become the de-facto platform of choice for developers to build DApps of the future. PolyStarter will accelerate the growth of these DApps by helping them raise funds. We are committed to extending our support to budding entrepreneurs and excel in their journey of adoption by helping them connect the dots.”


DeFi and the projects coming out of it are taking the world closer to a decentralized future every single day. However, in order to explore and unleash the full potential of DeFi, we need the coming together of several innovative minds to build interesting and unique projects. This is where Polystarter plays a critical role. By making it easy for entrepreneurs to develop and launch new projects in a seamless manner, Polystarter pushes creative minds to build for the future of the decentralized world.

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