5 Reasons to Hunt Malware with PolySwarm

PolySwarm will change cybersecurity forever—and we need you to help us.

After raising close to $26M during our recent ICO, the hard work has officially begun. We’re currently working on our MVP, to be ready by April 30, 2018, (check out our entire roadmap) and are currently running a challenge to let the first few security experts into the PolySwarm ecosystem.

When completed, PolySwarm will be the world’s first decentralized anti-virus marketplace where security experts earn Nectar (NCT) by operating cutting-edge micro-engines that automate threat detection. Once in the marketplace, these experts compete to correctly identify malware, protecting users and enterprises at the same time.

If that sounds interesting, keep reading. We’re sharing five great reasons why you should hunt malware with PolySwarm.

#1: Generate Passive Income

There’s a shortage of IT experts in western countries while there’s an oversupply of talent in other countries with limited job opportunities. Not to mention, there are minimal opportunities for security experts to use the tools they build — which is actually why our founders started PolySwarm:

About 6 months ago the concept behind PolySwarm was born out of frustration: we were a small cyber security company with innovative tools and no path to market. So like good engineers we got frustrated and built something to deal with the problem, PolySwarm. — The Start of PolySwarm and Beyond

One of the ways PolySwarm hopes to address this imbalance is by providing opportunities to security experts, regardless of their geographical location, economic status, gender or race. As a security expert, you’ll compete with other security experts to identify malware. Enterprises and anti-virus companies will funnel artifacts (files, network traffic, URLs) through the PolySwarm market, and security experts submit assertions as to whether these artifacts are malicious or benign. In a competitive prediction market, only those who are right get the payout.

#2: Gain Blockchain Skills

Employers are starting to look for candidates with expertise in blockchain and smart contracts. A recent Bloomberg report found that employers are ready to hire blockchain talent in 2018 after a fourfold surge of blockchain-related jobs from between 2016 and 2017.

As a new technology, it may be hard to gain skills in this area — that is, unless you hunt malware with PolySwarm. By participating, you not only gain new skills, but you get to work in a first-of-its kind market.

#3: Build a Reputation in the PolySwarm Network

If you consistently identify malware quickly and accurately, you’ll begin to build a reputation within the PolySwarm network. As such, you may become the go-to expert for Ambassadors within the marketplace who know your work is consistently accurate and timely, allowing you to earn more Nectar and further hone your skills.

Hunting malware with PolySwarm can also help you outside of our marketplace, in the information security world. Understanding blockchain security and mastering of interoperability are two of most sought out blockchain skills to develop right now according to Khwaja Shaik, the IBM IOT, Security and Blockchain thought leader. These are the skills you’ll sharpen by participating in the PolySwarm marketplace.

#4: Hone and Refine Your Prototype

Hunting for malware in the PolySwarm network gives you an opportunity to test and polish your prototype(s). If you’ve developed malware analysis tools, or are interested in doing so, PolySwarm marketplace is a great testbed to cut your teeth.

#5: It’s Exciting and new

The four reasons mentioned above are extrinsic motivators: income, reputation, a marketable skill set and improved prototype(s). The fifth reason is a bit different, yet simple: PolySwarm is doing something exciting. We’re on a mission to disrupt the malware industry, and you could be there, right beside us, making that happen. If you’re interested in what we’re doing, head over to GitHub to check out the PolySwarm code.

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