Announcing the Nectar ICO: Everything You Need to Know

Built on the Ethereum platform, Nectar is a utility token that powers PolySwarm interactions, including: bounty placement, offer channel establishment / teardown / exchange, assertion registration and ground truth determination. Think Bitcoin, but instead of mining, a global community of anti-malware experts converge and work together to best detect today’s threats.

In the PolySwarm ecosystem, participants exchange Nectar for threat intelligence. Nectar is a PolySwarm-specific token that insulates the PolySwarm ecosystem from rapid fluctuations in the value of Ether. If participants instead exchanged threat intelligence for Ether, security experts may seek to withhold critical intelligence until a more favorable Ether exchange rate is observed. Minting Nectar avoids this pitfall, allowing PolySwarm to unlock latent security expertise.

All token purchasers will contribute to the development of tomorrow’s threat intelligence marketplace, but early token purchasers will receive a discount on their purchase. These discounts correspond with increasing levels of PolySwarm functionality. Help us build the PolySwarm features you’d like to see and explore PolySwarm’s planned features at the Nectar token page.

Headlines frequently call attention to shortcomings in today’s Antivirus and intrusion prevention and detection products. We believe these shortcomings are caused by today’s market incentives. PolySwarm and it’s token, Nectar, is a carefully designed replacement for this market that will continue to push critical threat detection forward.

The team: Nectar was started by Infosec veterans with decades of experience in government and industry. The co-founders are also members of Narf Industries, LLC, a boutique firm that specializes in creating tailored solutions for government and large enterprises. Learn more about our team at

Our adviser list is also growing quickly. Learn more about the world-renowned Infosec experts we have on board as advisers.

Important blog posts:

Get a snapshot of Nectar before our ICO goes live:

Token Sale Start Date: Feb. 20, 2017
Token Sale End Date: March 22, 2018

Total Supply of Token: Limited to the equivalent of $50,000,000 USD. ETH:USD exchange rate fixed on Feb 5th, sourced from

ICO price of token: 31337 NCT / 1 ETH

Whitepaper link:

Company structure: For-Profit, C-corp in Puerto Rico (learn more about why we made this decision in our blog post “Swarm Market Is Now PolySwarm.”

How to Video

If you’re ready to purchase, follow our step-by-step video to make sure you complete each step.

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